Saba UPS Battery

One of the ways to deal with AC power problems in the city, which fluctuates or cuts from time to time, is to use uninterrupted emergency power sources such as It is Saba’s UPS battery that creates constant and continuous electric current.

During power fluctuations, it converts AC current into DC current, and when the power is cut off, it gives the electric current stored in its internal batteries to the consumer device and prevents electric shocks.

About Saba Battery Company
Saba Battery is one of the largest producers of all kinds of batteries in the Middle East, which has a good and reliable name in the region. This company with 4 huge industrial complexes, with 40 years of experience in producing different types of car batteries, supplies its products to domestic and foreign markets according to international standards.

This company, using advanced machines made by European first-rate countries, superior technology and the expertise of experienced engineers, now has a wide range of activities in the field of producing all kinds of batteries from 7.5 ampere hours to 200 ampere hours and the production capacity of 2.5 million units per year. (lead acid batteries) as well as MF shielded batteries (no need for service and maintenance) especially for the new generation of cars with a production capacity of 1.5 million units per year.

The quality control unit of this company is equipped with advanced equipment and an experienced team

What UPS should we buy?
To buy UPS batteries, you should consider several points in order to buy the most suitable ones according to your desired efficiency:

Backup Time
Consumption and required power
Ability to set parameters
Internal Battery / External Battery
UPS Online / UPS Offline
Warranty and after-sales service
Distributed UPS / Centralized UPS
Power consumption of consumer devices

UPS Battery Support Time
Calculate the approximate power outage time in the place where you want to use the Saba UPS battery. Read the power consumption of the consumer device from the UPS. Put both together to get a decent UPS battery with good support time.

The support time of a UPS is the time that a UPS can provide electric current to the consumer device after a power cut and prevent it from turning off suddenly.

Efficiency of knowing the consumption and required power
It is quite obvious that before buying and choosing a UPS, it is necessary to have the consumption power of the appliances using the UPS; Today, it is very easy to get the power of any electrical device, because the power consumption is written in volts.

In order to reach the consumption power required to buy the Saba UPS battery, it is necessary to add all the power of the electrical appliances together and multiply it by 1.25. The last multiplication is because it is recommended that the UPS power should be 125% more than the total power so that there is no problem with the UPS battery.
Buying guide from Tesla store
You can order all types of UPS batteries and ups equipment and all types of batteries with the best quality and price from the Tesla website and they will be delivered with the best quality and price. Buy quality from the Tesla store.

Tesla provides all its products and accessories directly and without intermediaries to customers, and other customers pay They do not pay extra for mediation.

If you have any questions and requests for advice about your purchase, you can contact the support numbers and share your problem and question with our experts.

Support and contact numbers with Tesla (02188312456 / 02188861253).

Got any questions? For technical support, please call us +982188861253 +982188312456 +989194551896 +989104609393

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