Toyota CHR car battery

Toyota CHR is a crossover car made by Toyota company, which has a very beautiful and wonderful appearance, which is unique in its kind. Airtoya (the official representative of Toyota in Iran) started importing this car to Iran.

This car entered Iran in two types, hybrid and turbocharged gasoline, which was welcomed by fans of Japanese cars in Iran. This car is one of the best-selling crossovers in Iran and the world. Also, Toyota is the largest car manufacturer, which has a very good history in designing and producing beautiful cars with low depreciation. This car, like all Toyota cars, has very low depreciation. but it has some consumables that must be replaced in a certain period of time. One of these consumables is its battery, which in this article we will discuss more about the Toyota CHR car battery.

Toyota CHR fabric battery
Toyota has considered a 45 amp battery for this car, but you can also use 60 amp batteries. In the table below, we will introduce more Toyota CHR fabric battery.

Fabric battery capacity

45 amps – 60 amps

battery voltage

12 volts

Arrangement of battery poles

Left pole – short base


19 cm


17 cm


21 cm

Toyota CHR battery life
The lifespan of the fabric batteries of these cars is usually high, but it depends on the type of driving and maintenance and the type of weather where the car is located, but in general, the fabric batteries of this car last up to 2 to 3 years.

But the lifespan of the next batteries that are purchased for this car is different and depends on factors such as the type of manufacturing materials, the type of brand, etc.

Toyota CHR battery price
The price of a CHR car battery depends on various factors, but in general, its price starts from 3 million and the most expensive one is 10 million tomans, but the price of this car battery depends on factors such as:

Car battery manufacturer country
Battery manufacturing company
Atomic type or battery acidity
car battery amperage capacity
Battery warranty validity date
The date of manufacture of the battery

Last word

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