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UPS Pillar Company is a manufacturer of rotating generator with high side, hybrid UPS, diesel, static, static transfer switch and ground power supply units for aircraft, which has been operating in Germany since 1909. The main office of this company is located in the city of Hamburg, but it has sales and support representatives in 5 continents. This company exclusively manufactures some UPS products in the world, such as UPS for space stations or U PSs storing kinetic energy of batteries and ground power units and 50/60Hz frequency converters. In the continuation of this article, we will further examine Pilar company and its manufactured UPS.

UPS manufactured by Pilar company
The German UPS Pilar company generally produces static UPSs from 4 to 400 kilowatts. It pays volt-amperes, which includes single-phase UPS up to 30 kV and three-phase UPS up to 400.

Among the other UPSs produced by this powerful German company, we can mention dynamic UPSs from 150 kW to 40 MW, which is equal to the production of powerful UPSs only in Germany and America. In general, Pilar company is one of the top and leading companies in the field of UPS production in the world, and the products of this company are also available in the Iranian market.

Pilar company history
As we said, the Pilar company was founded in 1909 by a German engineer named Anton Pilar, and relying on the slogan (nothing protects quite like Pilar), it released very high quality products to the market and became one of the U.S. manufacturers. PS has created a unique position in the whole world.

Last word

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