UPS First Power Battery

First Power Battery Company has started its activity in China and produces high quality batteries with South Korean technology, the lifespan of these batteries is more than 10 years.

The batteries of this company have global standards such as:

MS 994:1990 CE
MS ISO 9001:2000
JISC8702 (1998)

The batteries of this company are used in electrical, telecommunications, medical, solar systems and UPSs, as well as many The batteries of this company can be recharged and have a very long life.

This company has designed and produced its batteries with high quality. Also, this company has designed its batteries in capacities from 7 to 200 amps for various uses.
How to maintain First Power batteries
ups batteries are made of sealed acid material and do not require maintenance, but there are some things that must be observed for the lifetime of use. to increase the batteries, for this purpose, you must observe the following points.

Proper charging and discharging

One of the most important things to pay attention to when maintaining UPS batteries is charging and discharging batteries according to the standard table that Any type of battery is determined to be applied in order to significantly increase the useful life of the battery.

Proper storage temperature

Another factor of failure of UPS batteries is heat and high temperature of the environment, which reduces the life of the battery. According to UPS battery storage standard, UPS battery storage temperature is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Connections and battery heads

You should not forget to periodically visit the UPS batteries and make sure the connections between the batteries. You should also check the battery heads so that they are not oxidized. If the battery head is oxidized, remove it from the connections and wash it with boiling water and sand it to prevent the battery from heating up.

same voltage of the batteries

Because UPS batteries are connected in series, they must be charged at the same time. For this reason, the battery voltage should be tested separately in each service to evaluate the quality of all batteries, and if it is found that one battery has a low voltage compared to the other battery, it should be replaced.

First Power batteries are one of the best UPS batteries in the Iranian market. Also, if you want to buy a UPS battery, you can contact our consultants. Get a free consultation at Tesla.

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