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The UPS device is a device that provides the electricity needed by the equipment and electrical devices with the help of its batteries during a power outage, and also protects the electrical devices against electrical fluctuations, voltage drop, and city electricity noises. And it prevents the breakdown of their electrical devices.

The function of the UPS is such that it charges its batteries when the power is not cut off, and at this time it eliminates noise and electrical fluctuations, but when the city electricity is cut off, with the help of its batteries It supplies the electricity needed for electrical devices.

Many countries have produced UPS and UPS batteries which we will introduce in this article .

Italy UPS battery
Italy is one of the oldest battery-making countries in the world, which has a long history in this field. The only representative of Italy in Iran is Fiam Battery Company, which provides more than 45% of the market share.

At the time of its establishment, this company was engaged in the production of car and motorcycle batteries, but later, in addition to the production of car and motorcycle batteries, it also produced UPS batteries. This company produces batteries for major automobile companies such as BMW, Benz, Honda, etc. This company uses the latest technologies in the production of its batteries, and the materials used in the manufacture of Yan’s batteries are of very high quality.
Iranian UPS battery
Iran is also one of the producers of UPS batteries in the world. One of the most reliable battery manufacturers in Iran is Saba Battery Company and Sanat Rayan Pars Company. Of course, many companies in Iran claim to produce UPS batteries, but the batteries of these companies are not produced inside Iran and are produced in China. They sell Iranian PS.
China UPS battery

China is facing a lack of electricity and power outages due to the population of 2 billion people, that is why this country has become one of the largest manufacturers of UPS and UPS batteries in the world. Today, it exports its products to other countries. The quality of Chinese products is high. Among the brands available in China, the following brands can be mentioned.

Hitako Co
Zuma Co
Leoch Company
Optima Corporation
Telco Power Company
Power Sonic Company
Solarex Co

Taiwanese UPS battery
Taiwanese UPS batteries is one of the best quality batteries in the Iranian market. Regarding Taiwanese batteries, let us tell you that because there are many counterfeit UPS batteries in Taiwan, be careful when buying Taiwanese batteries, because some sellers use the brand of Taiwanese UPS batteries on Chinese UPS batteries. They use poor quality and sell it at high prices.
Japanese UPS battery

UPS batteries of Japan are one of the best quality batteries available in the world market since 2018 and with the investment of the Japanese government in this field, it has become one of the best UPS batteries in the world. Among the famous brands of Japanese UPS battery manufacturers, we can mention Panasonic and Yuasa.
Korean UPS battery
Korea is one of the most powerful UPS battery producing countries in the world, and in this country, they produce reliable brands in the field of UPS and UPS batteries, which are introduced in this section to introduce Korean and high-quality brands. We will pay in the Iranian market.

Atlas BX

The introduced companies are the best UPS battery manufacturers in Korea, but the best and best brand of this country is Rocket Battery Company, whose products are sold worldwide and have taken a large share of the world markets.
last word
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