Euronet UPS battery

Euronet UPS batteries are made in Taiwan and are produced with 12, 6 and 2 volts and 5, 4 and 100 amperes and are sent to global markets. Euronet batteries have a long life due to their very good quality. They are long-lasting and completely standard. Also, these batteries have three years of after-sales service and after-purchase warranty and a 10-year warranty.
UPS batteries Euronot the most suitable battery for UPS is yours that you can buy safely from Tesla company.

In this article, we will review more Euronet UPS batteries:

Types of Euronet UPS batteries
In this section, we will introduce more types of batteries produced in the Taiwanese Euronet company


Material used

Battery type

It has a thick and standard terminal

Dry, lead acid


Charging capability

Dry, sealed lead acid

12 volts – 7 amps

It has a thick and standard terminal

Dry, lead acid

12 volts – 9 amps

Features of Yorant UPS batteries
UPS Yorant batteries have high quality and longevity, which have attracted the attention of many buyers, and UPS Yorant batteries have taken over a large share of the Iranian market. In this part of the article, UPS features We will pay rent.

One of the features of Yorant UPS batteries is having very good connections, which are of very good quality.
Euronet company’s UPS batteries have the same voltage
It is very easy to install these batteries on the UPS by the specialists of Yorent company or the UPS owners
The very good design of the batteries has made the acid not active from inside them and also does not allow moisture to enter the battery.

Last word

Euronet company’s UPS batteries are one of the highest quality UPS batteries in Taiwan. Euronet company exports its products to other countries because of their quality and the products of this company are very popular in Iran

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