Rocket UPS Battery

Rocket UPS Battery: Today, information and devices are of high value, and a strong UPS can protect them well against common problems and power fluctuations. In addition, in the event of an interruption, it takes action and restores the flow. The most important part of any UPS is its battery. This battery stores energy, if necessary, it introduces a certain amount of energy to the system and prevents fluctuations and outages. So it is very important what UPS battery to use. One of the suitable options in front of you is the well-known and well-known Rocket brand.

Global brand of racket
Rocket is a global brand that was established by the Korean company Global Battery, formerly known as “Global and Yuasa”. This brand was first used in 1952. As mentioned, this company was in connection with Japan’s Yuasa Company, a world-famous battery manufacturer, and the exchange of capital and technology with this company quickly turned Rocket into a brand.

Today, more than 11.5 million batteries of Rocket products are being used in different places for different uses. More than 50% of the local market share currently belongs to the batteries produced in Global Battery Company. Among them, UPS batteries also make up a high percentage. Rocket brand UPS batteries, which are a combination of Yuasa and Rocket technology, are exported to more than 100 countries.

Jahani employs a complete quality assurance system throughout the various stages of product planning, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. It is a fact confirmed by the valid ISO9001 certificate and ISO14000 certificate.

Features of products
Global, under the Rocket brand, offers high-quality UPS batteries that have superior features:

UPS batteries suitable for the weather and climatic conditions of the destination countries are produced to provide the best performance give
Reliability and confirmed performance in adapting to different and difficult operating conditions is another feature of Rocket products.
Valid ISO9001 certificate and ISO14000 certificate are only two of the certifications obtained by these UPS batteries.
Different stages of product planning, design and production of UPS batteries in this company are carried out under the supervision of quality inspection experts so that all products have high power and quality.
Good after sales service is provided for the UPS manufactured by this company.
Compatibility with the environment is one of the top goals of this company, and for this reason, UPS batteries also have features that do not conflict with the interests of the environment.

Buying guide from Tesla store
Rocket UPS battery

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