MVM X22 car battery

MVMX 22 is a Chinese car produced by the Chery company, which entered the Iranian market 5 years ago with the mvm brand, and was noticed by Iranians, so that they call it the smallest product of the Chery company. they know Chery is one of the oldest Chinese companies in Iran, which is known for producing cars that are sometimes of high quality and sometimes of poor quality.

The platform of this car is copied from the MVM 315 platform, and besides that, Chinese engineers have also made changes in the suspension and springing system of this car, and these changes are a good result for this car along with didn’t have it and made it drier. This car is offered in the market with two types, Sport Excellent and Luxury.

This car has several consumables that must be replaced at specified kilometers and times. One of these is the battery of the X22 car, which we will examine further.
X22 fabric car battery

Chery has considered 60 amp batteries for this car, but if your car has systems such as sound systems and strong lamps that increase your electricity consumption, you should use batteries with higher amps.
The best battery brand for mvm x22 car
In the Iranian market, there are different brands that sell 60 amp batteries, before introducing the best brands, you should pay attention to this point: MVMX 22 batteries have a short base and their pole is on the left.

But among the brands that manufacture batteries suitable for the MVMX 22 car, Korean batteries are among the most high-quality batteries because they have used the latest technology in the world in their production, but Iranian brands have also been producing them in recent years. They have produced 60 amp quality batteries from the Iranian battery manufacturing companies that produce high quality batteries for the X22 car, the following can be used.

These brands include:

sabaw battery
Sepahan Battery
borna battery

But if the price is important to you when buying a car battery, you can use Chinese batteries.

Specifications of X22 car battery
In this part of the article, we will refer to the specifications of the X22 car battery.

X22 car battery ampere
60 amps

battery voltage
12 volts

Pole arrangement
stick pole

Battery type
short base

Last word

If you are looking to buy a battery for MVMX 22 car, you can contact our consultants at Tesla and get a free consultation.

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