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UPS (in English: Uninterruptible power supply) is actually an uninterrupted power supply that is installed next to systems such as computers, etc. that consume electricity, and it is protected from damage that may occur during fluctuations. It prevents city electricity from entering the device.

But finding a suitable and good UPS is very difficult and complicated because Under the specifications for different UPS, specialized terms are used that not everyone can recognize.

The things that you should be sure of in buying UPS is sufficient satisfaction from the purchase and making sure that you have bought the best product with the best quality, which will continue through the channels that can be used. By buying from them, we will express all these assurances.
Types of UPS
There are different types of UPS that are divided into three general categories.

1 – standby UPS (offline)
2 – UPS online
3 – UPS interacting with the line or Line Interactive

1- UPS (UPS ) ready to work (offline):
This model of UPS is the cheapest type of UPS, and the way they work, in short, is that in normal conditions, the device is directly connected to the city electricity, and when the power goes out, the UPS notices the problem. And it changes to battery mode. This is why these types of UPS are not good UPS because they are not uninterruptible. Therefore, such UPSs should not be used for sensitive devices.

2 – UPS online
These types of UPS are the best type of UPS, but they are also the most expensive. Of course, the price of these UPSs was much higher in the past, so that they only used online UPSs for commercial applications, but today, with the advancement of technology in this field, the use of online UPSs is also affordable for normal applications. It has been saved. UPS ( UPS ) online, unlike UPS ( UPS ) offline, which starts working only during power failure, is constantly on standby and filters power.
3  – UPS ( UPS ) interacting with the line
The next type of UPS is line-interacting UPS. These types of UPS perform well both in managing momentary power outages and by using transformers that adjust their output voltage according to fluctuations. It adjusts electricity in a moment, they have a very low price.
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