Operation room

The operating room is one of the most sensitive parts of the hospital. It is considered strong and it should have the highest facilities and the highest level of cleanliness.

You may have seen in some TV movies that someone needed surgery due to an accident, cesarean section, etc., and during the operation, the electricity in the operating room was cut off for various reasons.

Certainly, in such a situation, the person’s actions will be disturbed and the person’s life may be in danger. In such cases, what should be done to save the patient’s life and continue the surgery?

Certainly, all or most of the vital devices that are in the operating room They have the task of informing the patient’s vital conditions and supplying him with oxygen. analyze

Also, due to the fact that many surgeries require a lot of light to increase the visibility of the operated area, power outages during surgery can also be problematic in this regard.

Sudden power failure is only part of the challenges that a surgeon and his surgical team may face during surgery.

The devices that are used in the operating room are mostly electronic and have boards and sensitive parts that are particularly sensitive to the fluctuations of the electric current, and considering that electricity A city normally has many fluctuations, using city electricity directly can be harmful to the health and efficiency of such devices.
RoleUPS for operating room
One of the most popular protective devices that can be used to protect operating room devices UPS is

UPS for the Operating Room enables that by controlling the fluctuations of the electric current, other devices are not damaged due to the existing fluctuations, also the UPS electricity storage section provides these conditions so that if the city electricity is cut off for various reasons, the electricity href=”http://teslaco.net/c/battery/”>battery is activated and supplies the electricity needed by the devices in the operating room and the operation is completed with Good luck.

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