Fiamm UPS Battery

UPS Battery Fiamm : The multinational company Fiamm for about 80 years It previously operates in Italy in the field of battery production. The first products of this company were car and motorcycle batteries, and then other batteries, including UPS battery added to Fiam products. At this time, Azim Fiam is a supplier of batteries in various series for UPS and industrial use, and has managed to gain a major share of the market, especially in Europe. BMW is one of the companies that uses batteries produced by FIAM.

Fiam products production technology
Fiam’s production line technologies have been gradually developed and optimized over the years to meet the needs of the market today. Products are based on AGM technology. Also, GEL technology is used in Fiam batteries, which increases the efficiency of the product even in critical conditions. Sealed UPS products (sealed lead acid) have high reliability and have been sold well due to the small maintenance problems and their special discharge method.

Fiam having a very large share of battery sales in the world and producing and providing all kinds of GEL and sealed lead acid batteries and Strong power plant batteries as well as the new generation of smart salt batteries (SMC) with unique specifications have been able to overcome their competitors in the global UPS and power plant battery sales market and gain prestige and a high status for themselves.
International activities
In line with customer needs, Fiam Company more than 20 commercial and technical branches (in Italy, Germany, England, Slovakia, France, USA, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, China and Australia) and has a wide network of importers and distributors with more than a thousand employees. The high quality, long life, low maintenance costs and precise performance of these products have made industrial owners and those in need of UPS in all countries including Iran to prepare this UPS and this company is a famous brand in The world has changed.

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Fiamm UPS battery

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