Servers, modems and mining equipment

Nowadays, fluctuations and instabilities of urban electricity can be seen in most places.

On the other hand, electronic devices as well as information have a high value, and this value is especially about servers and modems is felt.

As a result, there is a UPS suitable for servers, especially “”>Corporate server room, and also important for modems.
What does UPS do for servers, modems and mining equipment?
In cases of complete failure, fluctuation, noise and even lightning, the UPS device comes into action and restores the normal flow. In a sense, we can consider this device as an uninterrupted power supply that prevents possible risks and damages.

Uniformity and uninterrupted power flow is very important for servers, modems and mining equipment. Fluctuations or power outages can wipe out device memory and cause data loss that may not be recoverable.

Likewise, expensive electronic devices may be damaged, which will result in high costs.
UPS application locations for server room
whether for personal use, or offices and companies should not be from the presence of U Ps omitted next to the server and modem. One of the most basic applications of UPS is data center servers. In addition, in hospitals, public and private offices such as insurance companies, universities and even schools use UPS.

Economic justification of UPS
One of the concerns in providing a UPS may be the price of this device;

But if we take a look at the total price of the servers and the value of the information contained in them, we find that UPS is completely economically justified.

Of course, this device does not have a high cost, and it can be purchased with any financial ability, and any UPS can be used for a long time.
Two important features in choosing a UPS server and modem and mining equipment
1- Device shape:
There are two types of UPS in terms of shape: Tower and Rackmount.

Rackmount type is used to support server, network hardware and many other equipment. The height of this type can be increased, they save space and its components are placed in close proximity.
2- capacity and support time:
UPS supports the devices for a certain time according to its capacity and energy. The more number of protected devices, the more capacity the UPS should have.

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