Newmax UPS Battery

The establishment of the company and factory of this battery goes back to 1993. However, the Newmax brand was registered in 1994, one year after the company started its activities, in the same city and country where the factory was located, namely Gumi City, Korea. From the very beginning of its activity, Newmax designed and manufactured 12-volt UPS batteries in the range of 70 to 220 amp hours.

Due to the fact that the products of this company found a good market, it quickly exported UPS batteries from 1995. Keyed to other Asian countries by Newmax. Gradually, the company optimized its UPS products and added more features and capabilities to them. . For example, the lifespan of the models currently produced by Newmax is several times that of the original models.

From the beginning of the 21st century, Newmax Company began to produce telecommunication products, and five years later, it started working with Korea Telecommunication Company. Since then, this company has obtained two international certificates, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. One of the milestones for this company’s products to be known outside of Asia was cooperation and partnership with the well-known Fam company. Fam is also one of the prominent producers of UPS batteries. After that, New Max got CE certificate. It was at the same time that new production lines were launched by the company for mass production of UPS batteries. This greatly increased the company’s exports so that Nimax batteries could meet the growing needs of global markets.
Newmax UPS products
The main focus of the company is on the production of shielded lead acid batteries. The manufacturing technology of these types of batteries is for conditions where the installation location is not mobile and the battery is installed and operated in a fixed place. The thickness and weight of the lead in New Max UPS batteries show the high quality and proper performance of these batteries. Because in sealed lead acid batteries, the thicker the lead plate, the less the corrosion that occurs due to the chemical reactions and interactions in the battery, and as a result, the battery will have a longer life.

In the body of UPS batteries that are exported all over the world under the Korean brand Newmax, valves are installed and designed to direct the gases that are caused by chemical interactions inside the battery to the outside. In this way, the internal thickness of the UPS battery will not be damaged. This battery does not have the toxicity associated with nickel-cadmium batteries, and that is why Nimax has focused on this type.

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