Modem emergency power


One of the ways to enter the world of the Internet and the World Wide Web is to use modems, modems exist in most homes in both wireless and wired forms. It is possible to connect to wireless modems from any antenna point, but to connect to wired modems, you must connect your system to them with a LAN cable. In short, nowadays, it is impossible to assume a world without the Internet, therefore, in the event of a power outage, one should think about this solution. In this article from Tesla, we discuss the emergency power supply for the modem.

One of the famous emergency power systems is UPS (UPS).

Emergency power systems in a wide range of places such as buildings, hospitals, laboratories, data centers, telecommunications equipment, ships, etc. are used.

Emergency power and modem UPS operation

Function of emergency power and modem UPS

The electricity consumption of buildings and houses that use municipal electricity has fluctuations, and because of this, it can harm domestic consumers. get serious Household consumers, including refrigerators, televisions, home modems, washing machines, dishwashers, modems, etc., are sensitive to electricity fluctuations and have problems after a while.

building and domestic emergency power gives consumers the opportunity to save their data after a modem power outage UPS device is an uninterrupted source S can provide the required electricity for the modem by the energy stored in its battery, which can also be called a back-up energy device that protects your modem from power problems.



Modem or Modulator-Demodulator is a hardware device whose task is to convert digital signals to analog and vice versa. Modem is a way to enter the world of Internet, whose task is mentioned above.

The first part of the modem, i.e. Modulator, in the modem converts the digital information output from a computer (audible sounds) into an analog signal so that it is possible to send them through a telephone line, DSL or cable. The second part of the modem, i.e. (Demodulator) in the modem, converts the analog input signals into digital signals so that it can be used by the computer.
actually enables modems, computers and routers to send and receive information from a network such as the Internet. The key to entering the world of the Internet and the World Wide Web are modems, commercial online services, e-mail, and bulletin board systems (BBSes).
Some Internet provider companies, in the registration of the contract between the customer and the company, also register the modem in this contract, that is, they also provide a modem for their customers, of course, the customers can also register between these internet providers, don’t buy the modem from these companies and get your desired modem separately.
The general concept of UPS emergency power (UPS)

The general concept of emergency power UPS (UPS)

UPS means uninterruptible power supply and providing uninterrupted power required by the load is its most basic task. UPS are produced and sold in three types: offline, online and line interactive.

UPS modem types

There are different types of UPS in terms of structure and technology used in them. UPS types can be divided into three types: online UPS, offline UPS, and UPS. High Line Interactive pointed out that each has its own features and uses.

Online UPS

They are with the double conversion method. Online UPS continuously converts and converts proportional voltage into direct voltage for uninterrupted battery charging. In emergency situations, UPSs feed the output load without mechanical switching, so there is no delay in supplying the output power, so that the delay is 30 milliseconds.

Offline UPS

In normal conditions it connects the input and output through a direct electrical connection. In normal conditions, the offline UPS divides the output loads directly through the input power, and when the input voltage is lower or higher than If the amount is standard, the UPS inverter activates the output so that the output loads are powered by the battery. The waveform of the offline PS is sinusoidal.

UPS High Line Interactive

They are very similar to offline UPS and the common shape of UPS is sinusoidal. In normal conditions, High Line Interactive UPS can adjust the voltage range through an auto transformer, and the battery that is in charging mode establishes the input and output connection when the UPS battery power is cut off by The inverter feeds the consumer devices

 Tesla Company Technical Advisor

Tesla Company Technical Advisor

Tesla aims to improve the quality of technical and engineering activities as part of the company to provide better services. > established to customers. Tesla is committed to providing modern technologies with the best quality. Tesla UPS are produced with the best quality and parts to be more durable and efficient. Tesla considers the production of quality products and customer satisfaction to be one of its duties.

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In this article, we discussed the UPS emergency power function for the modem. Tesla is one of the most equipped and specialized UPS emergency power supply centers for customers and is ready to serve with the latest equipment.

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