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UPS Jet Power was established in 2000 in Taiwan as an electronic equipment manufacturing company and using From highly experienced staff and expert experts, in the field of electricity, electronics, computers, UPS products, etc., it became world famous and in a very short period of time, it became one of the famous UPS manufacturers and a part of the global market. took over The increasing progress of this company made its managers decide to expand their factory, that’s why they opened factories in the two cities of Zhiamen and Qingdao in China, and now the three-phase UPS production factory of this complex is in Taiwan and Its one-phase UPS production plant is located in China, and the head office of this group is located in Taiwan. In the continuation of this article from the Tesla website, we will discuss more about Jet Power UPS.

Types of UPS of Jet Power Company
The powerful Jet Power company produces and exports all types of UPS due to its experienced staff and using the world’s latest technology. In this part of the article, we will review some types of Jet Power UPS:

UPS Line interactive
Online UPS
Single phase UPS
Three-phase UPS
Out door UPS
And …

Jet Power UPS batteries

The batteries inside the Jet Power UPS differ from each other according to the technical specifications of each UPS, as well as Fabric UPS batteries</ Jet Power UPS has a very long life and when we connect the battery to the power, the Jet Power UPS stores the electricity in its batteries.

UPSjet Power batteries are generally divided into three levels in terms of lifespan:

long life
average life
low life

Last word

Lotus Alborz Power Company with the brand Tesla was established in 1390 with the aim of importing all kinds of electrical equipment and supporting domestic goods. In order to meet all the needs of buyers of electric and electrical appliances, our collection, in addition to domestic companies, cooperates with many countries such as Germany, Korea, Taiwan, America, Turkey, China, and Italy in order to meet the needs of buyers of electric and electrical appliances and considering the problems of urban electricity flow and protection of all electrical appliances. slow If you are looking to buy Jet Power UPS, you can contact our consultants at Tesla and get free advice.

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