Electric shutters and automatic doors

Currently, it is possible to find fewer shops and stores in cities that do not use electric shutters. These types of shutters, as their name suggests, need to be connected to the city electricity supply in order to work.

One of the problems faced in big cities, especially Tehran, in the summer season is the problem of sudden power outages. Due to the fact that power failure is not a predetermined problem and no notification is issued about it, a sudden power failure can cause the motor of the electric shutter to burn.

Considering that the most important part of any electric shutter is its driving motor, therefore it is necessary to take the necessary precautions to prevent it from burning.

The importance of buying UPS for electric shutters
One of the things that can be done to prevent the roller shutter motor from burning out is to buy a UPS is for electric shutters. UPS is placed as a power flow controller between electric shutter and city power flow. In addition to preventing sudden power outages, it can control city electricity fluctuations and in this way also keep the boards and sensitive parts of electric shutters healthy.

If you are not in the shop and have pulled down the electric shutter, and when you return to raise the shutter, the city electricity has been cut off, you certainly cannot easily pull up the electric shutter with a remote control.

Meanwhile, in the case of providing a UPS for electric shutters this When the city electricity is cut off, the device supplies the electricity needed by the electric shutter through the batteries it has inside, and therefore you can move it up and down like when the city electricity is connected. Operate the electric shutter using the remote control.
How UPS works for electric shutters
Each UPS consists of two parts, one of which is responsible for controlling the city electricity flow and prevents the electric shutter board parts from burning, and the other part controls this electricity when the city electricity is connected. >battery stores high storage capacity to automatically turn on battery power when the city power is cut. into the current circuit and you can use your electric shutter as when the city electricity is connected.

Definitely buy a UPS for electric shutters and avoid burning the motor. It is more economical to spend a lot of money on the repair of the electric shutter motor or the complete replacement of the electric shutter motor. Therefore, we suggest buying a UPS for electric shutters.
Types of UPS
There are different types of UPS that are divided into three general categories.

1 – standby (offline) UPS
2 – online UPS
3 –
UPS interacting with the line or Line Interactive

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