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UPS for medical equipment is of great importance and the treatment process In today’s world, it depends on medical equipment and technology. All kinds of ultrasound devices, equipment available in the ICU and CCU resuscitation rooms and highly advanced laboratory equipment, MRI, CT scan and X-ray imaging devices are only part of the equipment. It is an advanced medicine and laboratory that exists in all medical centers.

On the other hand, these equipments are very expensive and one of the dangers that threaten these equipments is the current of electricity; that these equipments need electric current free of any voltage change and voltage drop and fluctuation.

One of the ways to prevent damage to this equipment is to use a UPS, use UP Ss, in addition to providing electricity during power outages, by filtering the fluctuations in city electricity (which is one of the main causes of device damage) increase the life of the equipment. It has been medicalized and protects them from the dangers of shocks caused by sudden changes in voltage and current.

Use of UPS for medical equipment in medical centers
One of the problems of medical centers is when the electricity in the area is cut off, and because most of the equipment depends on the electricity, they stop working when the electricity is cut off, and practically, the medical centers are not able to respond to patients and visitors during the power outage hours.

But by using UPS in medical centers, this problem can be prevented.

Also, the following problems happen during a power outage in a hospital, which cause chaos in the hospital.

One of these problems is the elevator power cut for patients in medical centers. The elevator power cut causes confusion and overcrowding in the hospital because hospitalized patients must be moved by observing special safety measures.

Another of these problems is the power cut of the electric pumps of the treatment center, which causes a drop in water pressure and health problems.

Also, power outages in medical centers cause hospital lights to turn off, which causes panic and fear among patients.

With the lack of electricity, the communication inside the hospital will be reduced because the emergency department patients will not be able to communicate with the nursing center through the helper device. Emergency rooms will not receive information about ambulances, and different departments of the hospital will not be able to communicate quickly and effectively.

What is UPS?
And PS (in English: Uninterruptible power supply) is actually an uninterrupted power supply that is installed next to systems such as computers and… that consume electricity, and it is protected from damage that may occur during fluctuations. It prevents city electricity from entering the device.

But finding a suitable and good UPS is very difficult and complicated because Under the specifications for different UPS, specialized terms are used that not everyone can recognize.
The purpose of using UPS in medical centers?
As you read, a power outage in a medical center causes many problems that endanger the lives of patients and question the credibility of medical centers. can be solved.
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