What is an elevator UPS? + Shopping guide


The elevator UPS is originally from the Interlectio 2.4 KVA High Line UPS series, which has an external battery. As you know, UPS is a device to solve elevator support problems during power outages. The elevator UPS is made according to several important factors such as the capacity of the elevator motor, the duration of the power outage, the type or location of the elevator in residential or commercial areas, etc.

It should be noted that the elevator is no longer considered a luxury item and its installation is mandatory for all buildings with a floor-to-floor height of 7 meters according to national building regulations. is. Imagine that a person is stuck in the elevator when the main power is cut; In this case, stopping the elevator, turning off the lights, sudden vibrations, etc. will create a terrible situation; In this case, performing traditional methods for rescue may be associated with many risks.

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How do elevator UPS work?

During outages and times when the main source of electricity is cut off; UPS is automatically connected to the battery and continues to feed the connected loads and when the main source has electricity; The UPS automatically transfers the elevator to the main source and starts charging its battery again. The duration of connecting the UPS to the battery during power outages is about a few milliseconds, which is uninterrupted.

Uses of elevator UPS

At time the UPS starts working immediately and continuously, the UPS will automatically move the elevator to the nearest floor. and opens the door of the floor automatically and in the next step takes the elevator out of the circuit.

UPS What is an elevator? + Buying guide

Using a backup source is necessary for elevators without a gearbox and is recommended for other elevators as well. The blackout battery or the uninterrupted voltage source is responsible for the important and essential task of providing backup power. It is necessary to check the blackout battery 1 or 2 times a month and charge them; But in connection with UPS, their batteries are automatically charged and thus the need for inspection and support and maintenance will be much less.

It is necessary for the UPS of the elevator to be set in such a way that when the source is cut off to work on the elevator in order to have more safety, the switch turns off automatically; Thus, it is necessary to make sure that the elevator is not under inspection.

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Also, when the required power of the control panel increases and it is necessary to use UPS with higher power; Online UPS with an external battery with more sensitivities and completely sinusoidal output are among the suggested options as elevator UPS. /strong> can be good options.

When installing the UPS in the dashboard, it is better to consider the following:

1) When the elevator only uses and PS Takes; It is necessary for there to be a light inside the elevator to show that the electricity is supplied by the battery.

2) in green type elevators that use single-phase voltage and balance weight in order to save energy consumption; If the empty cabin is on the lowest floor and its balance weight is on the last floor; It acts like a generator during movement; And in this way, this electricity produced by the elevator damages the UPS; Therefore, UPS cannot be used in addition to green elevators; Because the return current from the elevator damages the UPS.

3) It is necessary to confirm the operation of the UPS by an elevator inspector.

4) It is necessary to UPS of the elevator, in addition to the current required by the elevator, also provide the current of the fans; Because it is necessary to prevent the temperature from rising.

5) The correct installation process of this device must be done by an electrician.

Features and specifications of elevator UPS:

They are completely automatic and do not need manual interventions.

Due to the use of electric energy instead of flammable fuels, they are very safe.

These equipments are noiseless and pollution-free for the environment.

There are small sizes that can easily be installed in the stairwell or elevator cabins.

UPS What is an elevator? + Buying guide

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