UPS repairs in Tehran


These days, many have faced problems due to the experiences gained due to power outages. Problems such as power outages and disruptions created on city electricity that exist throughout the country cause damage to electrical equipment and household and industrial electrical appliances such as computers, televisions, refrigerators, etc.

What is UPS?

The mentioned problems are among the biggest and most important problems in the use of municipal electricity. To solve the mentioned problems, new and different equipment such as electric motor, stabilizer, etc. can be used But each of these methods has its own problems and disadvantages. For example, it can be said that the use of an electric motor is not recommended because of its high noise and short power-up time.

Stabilizers If the electricity is connected, it maintains its fluctuations and creates electricity with a constant voltage, but the point is that the stabilizer has no function in the event of a power cut, because it is only used as a setting. An electric current generator is used.

Unfortunately, stabilizers do not have the ability to remove sudden jumps, disruptions and noise of city electricity, and they are also not able to completely solve problems such as power outages and fluctuations.

Another way that can be used to solve electrical problems, which has both the advantages of the previous methods and does not have their disadvantages, is a UPS, which is a type of emergency power supply without any interruptions. UPS supplies the amount of electricity required by consumer devices during a power outage.


UPS usually has the following three parts:

  1. Stabilizer
  2. Charger
  3. Inverter

UPS working method

When the city’s electricity voltage is normal, the UPS directs this electricity to the output and feeds the consumer devices. When there is a fluctuation in the electric voltage for any reason, the UPS device produces a constant current with the help of the stabilizer inside.

For example, at the beginning of the night around eight o’clock when consumers increase, the city’s electricity voltage drops. In this case, the UPS makes the city’s electricity uniform and corrects the electricity output using the stabilizer.

When the city electricity voltage drops below 220 volts and there is a so-called voltage drop, this device protects this device and brings its voltage to 220 volts. Stabilizers are made in different ways.

If there is electricity in the city, stabilizers can also compensate for voltage changes in the range of 140 to 240 volts. If the mains voltage exceeds the voltage of the stabilizer, when the mains voltage goes out of the range of the stabilizer voltage, which is at least 140 and at most 240 watts, and the output power of the device is cut off, it prevents them from being damaged.

UPS duty

When the city electricity is connected, the UPS charges its battery and always maintains the battery in a charged state. After a power outage, it protects the connected devices and does not allow them to have a voltage drop or even an increase in voltage.

If for some reason the city electricity drops sharply that the stabilizer cannot correct or the city electricity is cut off, the inverter of the UPS device will convert the direct electricity of the battery into 220 V alternating electricity and the consumers feeds the operation of feeding the devices connected to the UPS is done at high speed so that the devices do not notice the power failure and continue to work.


According to the above, the advantages of using a UPS device can be summarized as follows:

  • Elimination of city electricity fluctuations
  • No power cut
  • Noise removal
  • elimination of network disturbances
  • No noise pollution

Important points in UPS maintenance

Several influencing factors in UPS maintenance and installation are important. During UPS installation, in order to make UPS repair, maintenance, and installation easier, the cabinet or its installation location or Always place it at a distance of 100 cm from the side of the wall, especially the back part that emits the most heat, it is recommended that the back part of the UPS device be an empty space and do not occupy that part with accessories or objects. .

Next to the UPS, there is a list of items and accessories. The temperature of the environment where the UPS is installed is very important and should be between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius.

When the ambient air temperature of the UPS is higher than 45 degrees Celsius, its load capacity decreases by 10 to 12% for every five degrees Celsius, which can be one of the influencing factors in the lifetime of the UPS. S Dunst because high temperature reduces the useful life of the UPS device. Due to its sensitivity to dust, moisture and heat, the UPS device should be kept away from these environments, and it is also better to place the UPS in a place with proper ventilation.

For example, the UPS can be kept in places such as a room or a cabinet. Temperature is the main reason for reducing the useful life and the better performance of the UPS battery. Cabinets should have a compartment for proper ventilation and cooling.

UPS repair in Tehran

To repair your UPS device, it is better to take care of its maintenance before something bad happens to your device and repair it at the right time, because if your device breaks down, it may not be able to be restored anymore, so you have to repair the device. Buy another UPS which is a bit difficult in this tough economic situation.

If you live in Tehran, if your UPS needs repair; Don’t worry, you can refer to the site Tesla and entrust your UPS device to the experts in this field for repair .

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