UPS repair center


yand PS is an uninterrupted power supply device that provides the required power for consumer devices when needed. This device has a battery in it that stores energy when there is electricity, and when there is a power outage, it comes into action in a very short time and does not allow consumer devices to notice the power outage. This device protects the equipment from being damaged due to electrical problems.

UPS capabilities

In addition to supplying electricity, UPS devices prevent falling and increasing city electric voltage, they also prevent city electric noise and input frequency change. The UPS device can prevent damage to the equipment connected to it in the event of a severe power drop and a severe voltage increase, such as a lightning strike.

UPS application

Due to their high prices, UPS are mostly used in emergency and sensitive equipment such as closed circuit camera, network server room, medical equipment and laboratory, electric door and … are used.

Some people use UPS in their homes to keep home appliances on, including refrigerators, heating and cooling facilities, etc..

Types of UPS devices

UPS devices are divided into three categories based on their power and capabilities: home, office, industrial.

  • Home UPS

These UPSs have less power and can supply the electricity needed by the devices connected to them for a shorter period of time.

These types of UPS are small in size and available in the market from 1 Kava to 3 Kava.

  • Office UPS

UPS are used for equipment such as CCTV, server, small and large networks and security equipment that have powers of 1 to 10 Kava. Therefore, their power supply time increases and they can support more devices.

These UPSs have very high power so that they can support all the computers of a large hospital during a power outage for a period of time.

These UPS are usually three-phase and are available in the market in powers of 10 kava to 800 kava and even more. Kava is the unit for measuring the apparent power of the UPS and the real power of the UPS is measured in KW.

Increase UPS lifespan

Among the things that are important in the service and maintenance of UPS repairs are battery performance testing, input power control, input and output voltage control, input and output frequency checking, and battery energy consumption percentage test.

In addition, proper maintenance of the UPS increases its lifespan and also improves its performance. In order to properly maintain the UPS, it is better to prevent dust from entering it and place it in a place where it will not be hit.

UPS repair center

Using up-to-date equipment and the knowledge of experts in this field, they provide distinctive services to their users at the UPS repair center. Since the UPS system works in connection with the electricity consumed by the devices, the occurrence of a problem in it is very important and it requires a lot of expertise and skill to repair it.

Specialists in UPS repair centers have very high skills and are able to perform repairs with the highest quality level, and the equipment used in these centers is one of the most advanced devices in this field. UPS repair experts believe that timely service of UPS devices plays a very important role in preventing its failure.

Common problems of UPS devices that UPS repair agents solve

  • Sometimes the UPS won’t turn on anymore

The cause may be the input power cable, input fuses, main board and display board should be checked.

  • The device turns on but may not output.

In this case, test the output cables, check the batteries and connections, the inverter part and the output fuses.

  • UPS battery does not charge

Check the input cable and fuses and battery connections, the batteries or the charger may be defective

  • The UPS gives an error

Check the device for overload. Check the micro part of the device and related circuits, batteries and fans and sensors of the device in terms of health. In some cases, the board may also be faulty.

Among the services offered to users in UPS repair centers are issues such as solving problems caused by wrong use of UPS, replacing capacitors, calibrating battery chargers, troubleshooting and repairing inverter circuits, replacing and solving transformer problems. and… are

Service provision process in UPS repair department

  • Refer to Digi for repairing the desired device
  • Coding by the receptionist and placing in the review queue
  • Inspection and troubleshooting by the relevant expert and cost estimation
  • Calling the customer and announcing the repair cost

If the customer approves to repair and fix the product defect, if the part needed to repair the UPS device is available, the repair work will be done quickly, but otherwise, some time may have to be spent waiting for the part.

After the UPS device is repaired, the customer is contacted to receive the repaired product. After the customer arrives at the center, after the health test and ensuring the health of the UPS, the device will be delivered to the customer, and after leaving the complex, the complex will not bear any responsibility.

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