Industrial UPS repairs


Device UPS Abbreviation The three words are Uninterruptible power supply, which means power source without interruption. UPS is a device that mediates between the city’s electricity and consumer devices, and its task is to supply the power required by consumer devices connected to itself through batteries. In addition to providing power during power outages, this device is also responsible for stabilizing and eliminating the noise of city electricity.


Components of UPS

  • Charging rectifier)Rectifier)

The rectifier is responsible for converting alternating current to direct current, that is, converting Ac to Dc. Three general modes of There is a rectifier that can be used to obtain a DC current.

The first type is the IGBT rectifier, the second type is the Diode+IGBT rectifier, and the third type is the thyristor.

  • Battery

One of the important parts of industrial UPS is the battery, which is responsible for providing the energy needed by the devices when there is no city electricity. In addition, these devices provide the required electricity when there are problems such as fluctuating urban electricity or abnormal frequencies. The material of most UPS batteries is sealed acid type, which are covered with fibrous protective layers, etc. to protect the battery from moisture and destructive factors.

The function of inverter in UPS is to convert direct current to alternating current. In addition to UPS, this part is widely used in systems such as solar cells, etc. According to the output waveform, inverters are divided into three categories: square, quasi-sine, full-sine.

  • Switch

They are called non-conductive switches that disconnect and connect the UPS.

Industrial UPS

These UPS are actually known as a high power power source which has the same amount of power required. These UPS must be installed together with the automatic and manual control panel and with all the fuses and safety and monitoring equipment. The use of UPS in factories is to start things such as electric motors of machines so that they can withstand additional loads and not face any problems. Industrial UPS usually have 3 phases.

Use cases of industrial UPS

For most industrial devices, a good quality of electricity is required. Fluctuations and power outages happen in many cases, and due to the very high cost that is needed to prepare and repair each device, it is better to use a strong UPS in factories. These UPS are used in various industries such as power generation, power distribution, power transmission, construction, transportation, mining, refining, petrochemical forces, oil and gas, hospitals, airports with various applications including gas turbine control. and control panel is used.

Features of industrial UPS

  • These UPS have an online circuit
  • These UPS have high power (at least about 250 volt amperes single phase and 500 kW amperes three phase)
  • These UPS are reliable and have high efficiency
  • The quality and power of these UPS are very high
  • These UPS have low output distortions and fluctuations
  • The response time to step load of these UPS is fast
  • These UPS are compatible with standards like NEMA, IPS, IED

Maintenance of industrial UPS

One of the big and important reasons that play a role in reducing the life of industrial UPS can be mentioned heat produced in the device. Therefore, in order for the device to be able to deal with heat, it must be kept in a dry and cool environment. Also, each board must have its own cooling system. Usually, the output of the industrial UPS system should not be directly connected to the consumer, but a distribution board should be placed between the consumer and the UPS.

Checking the quality of acid and battery must be done monthly. Industrial UPSs have special standards such as starting the rectifier to be in the battery circuit and then starting the inverter.

Industrial UPS are three phase and single phase. Installing single-phase UPS in a network is easy because it requires simple cabling. But the installation of three-phase UPS requires an electrical contractor.

To choose and buy an industrial UPS, you must consider their power because the power used by the consumer is very important in the correct selection of this device. Each of the phases of industrial UPS has a certain power, which is very important to observe this power in using UPS.

UPS battery

Checking the activity ofUPS batteries The three industrial phases must be permanent and regular. In addition, the maintenance conditions of this device should be appropriate and appropriate to its settings so that it does not wear out over time. Therefore, in order to increase the lifespan of these batteries, you must keep them in a suitable environment according to the recommendations of the battery company and monitor them continuously. It is better to service UPS batteries on site because these batteries are a complex and sensitive device that has a large volume.

Industrial UPSs with high frequency, transformers and big fans make more noise compared to other UPSs, which also cause noise pollution.

Safety and important tips in using three-phase industrial UPS

  • Due to the sensitivity of batteries, batteries should be kept in a closed space with optimum temperature and proper ventilation. It should also be far from the ground
  • The appropriate earth cable is connected to the battery set and placed outside the workshop connected to the earth well, and only trained people should be used for repair, service and replacement.
  • If industrial batteries are used correctly, these batteries are able to supply the three-phase current of industrial machines for a limited time with very high safety and reliability.
  • If there is a need to store three-phase electricity with a power of more than 30 kW, a soft starter is used for a gentle input of battery current to the circuit.
  • Safety in the design, installation and operation of the industrial UPS device must be fully observed.

Industrial UPS repairs

Industrial UPS may also have problems and its performance may be disrupted. Therefore, experienced and skilled experts in UPS repair centers solve the problem. These experts find the problem by checking your UPS and then fix it. To repair your industrial UPS, just visit to avoid serious damage to your device and use it again.

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