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What is UPS

UPS stands for Uninterruptible power supply, which means power source without interruption.

UPS is actually an electronic power supply, whose main task is to provide uninterrupted power required by the load. UPS is a system that is placed between the city electricity and the consumer’s device, and in addition to stabilizing and regulating the network power, it prevents the penetration of noise and network disturbances to the consumer’s sensitive equipment. will be As an uninterrupted power source, UPS provides the electricity needed by consumer equipment using the energy stored in the battery.

UPS efficiency

Using a UPS enables you to avoid most of the problems caused by the city’s electricity and also to obtain adequate protection against total power outages. The main purpose of UPS is to protect consumer equipment, which does this as follows.

The plug of an electronic device that is connected to the city electricity uses only one power source. If the city electricity is cut off, the device will turn off quickly due to the power cut. A UPS disrupts this equation by providing two sources of power for your device. UPS are designed in such a way that there are always two energy sources, one is the primary energy source, which is the city’s electricity, and the other is the source that enters the circuit if the first source is interrupted. And it is called a secondary source (battery).

UPS have several types based on their structure. whose types are:

These types of UPS are activated during power outages and as alternative sources.

Offline UPS is low-cost and small in size, it also has a quiet standby function and high efficiency, which are the strengths of this UPS model.

Offline UPS also has weaknesses, for example the presence of a transmission interval (a few milliseconds), the electronic device connected to the UPS is powered by unfiltered voltage (without modification by the inverter).

In normal times, providing the output in online UPS is done after cleaning or correcting the input from noise and input voltage level. Only in cases such as OVER LOAD or an increase outside the temperature range, the UPS goes to BYPASS mode.

The advantages of online UP are:

  1. optimal protection against extreme fluctuations
  2. High quality and appropriate power output
  3. The transfer time is practically zero because the inverter is always on.
  4. Since the inverter is always on, the load voltage quality is without distortion.
  5. Wide range of input voltage

Online UPS also has disadvantages, for example, since the inverter is always on, the efficiency of the UPS device decreases, and the online UPS is more expensive than other uninterrupted power supply devices.

In normal conditions of these UPS, the input is transferred to the transformer through BYPASS, and at this time the transformer acts as a charge and finally supplies the AC output through this way. will be

This UPS has the following strengths:

  1. Lower cost than online UPS
  2. Silent operation in standby mode
  3. It has better protection performance than offline UPS
  4. Protection from long-term increase or decrease of the city’s electric voltage range
  5. Low heat production by UPS

Among the features of this UPS, we can mention things such as the absence of the input power factor correction circuit and the dependence of the output frequency on the input source.

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UPS repair in Karaj

UPS repair in Karaj is one of the services that Tesla provides to the residents of this province. And the residents of Karaj can benefit from UPS repairs in Karaj by visiting the site

It is necessary to use UPS as a type of protection for electrical devices in small and large companies and industries, and its existence can prevent damage caused by electrical fluctuations in devices. This device is made up of various parts, including the battery, and each of these parts may be damaged for various reasons, so the UPS needs to be checked and repaired if any of these parts fail. It has specialized repair.

Normal users do not have the necessary skills and expertise to repair the UPS device and may cause more damage to the device and themselves by being careless, so it is better to leave your UPS repairs to people who have enough experience and skills in this field.

This UPS repairer is a fully equipped set that uses new tools and advanced devices. This center has been set up with the aim that the residents of Alborz province can receive the services they want with more speed and quality.

Those who work in this center know the types of problems of electrical protection devices and they know that each of the functional defects of these devices is caused by the failure of which part and what action should be taken to repair it.

How to repair UPS

Most of us have a habit when our devices break down, instead of finding the cause of the breakdown and taking action to repair it, we throw them away and replace it with a new device. Our advice in this regard is that if your UPS is broken, do not throw it away because the cost of buying a new UPS may be higher than repairing it.

The length of the UPS battery depends on how you maintain it and where it is installed, and most of the time, battery failure occurs after a period of 2 years, so if the reason for the failure of your UPS is its battery, you should replace the old battery with a new one. To change the battery, be sure to contact the support of your UPS device to do this for you.

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UPS battery replacement steps

  • Open UPS cover
  • Preparing a new battery for replacement
  • Separating the old battery from the UPS
  • Replacing the new battery in the same place as the old battery
  • Closing the cover of the UPS device
  • press the power button
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