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These days, it is definitely impossible to imagine modern offices and apartments without an elevator. As you know, in apartments with more than 4 floors, it is mandatory to install an elevator. These days, power outages have created problems for citizens, especially those who use elevators. Being stuck in an elevator is certainly a terrifying experience.

But the most important thing when you are stuck in an elevator is to keep your composure. The main issue regarding the use of the elevator in the event of a sudden and unexpected power outage is that today many buildings have advanced equipment and the elevators are equipped with a system called emergency power.

The price of emergency electricity for the elevator is different in two ways, including acceptance and non-acceptance of the worn out battery. The price of the elevator battery is used according to the model and capacity of the elevator, as well as the dimensions of the elevator control box in different capacities. That’s what we’re going to explore in this article, so stick with Tesla UPS.

Emergency power ups

Emergency power of the elevator and how it works

Today, most elevators are equipped with an emergency power system, which is activated in the event of a power failure and guides the elevator cabin to the lowest or highest floor. The installation of this part has become one of the most basic requirements of the elevator that should be considered today. Tesla UPS is always ready to serve customers and applicants for the installation and repair of the elevator emergency power system.

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Elevator emergency power battery

The emergency battery system of the elevator works in such a way that in the event of a power failure, it enters the circuit after at least 30 seconds and transfers the elevator to the top floor. The way it works is that after the main and city electricity, when the lift has a drive, the magnet is opened and the motor of this tool applies pressure to both sides, which is done by battery power.

UPS Elevator

Since the elevator is a mechanical electronic device, it is directly powered by city electricity, so when the city electricity is cut off, the elevator stops. To solve this problem it is better than UPS Use an elevator to provide the electricity needed to keep the elevator on during a power outage. UPS means uninterruptible power supply and its main task is to provide uninterrupted power to the load. UPS are produced and sold in three types: offline, online and interactive.

UPS for elevators are interactive UPS types that have an external battery.

UPSs for elevators are produced according to issues such as power outage time, elevator type, elevator motor capacity, elevator location, which is residential or industrial.

UPS Elevator

Difference between UPS and emergency battery

As mentioned earlier, some elevators have an emergency elevator battery, and some use an elevator UPS, which is an uninterruptible power supply system. One of the main differences between a UPS and an emergency elevator battery is their lifespan. UPS life is 4 to 5 years, but battery backup lasts 1 to 2 years.

You can choose one of these elevator emergency power systems depending on your choice. Since the greatest demand for purchase and use for elevator emergency power has been UPS, we will continue to review UPS for elevators.

UPS for elevators

UPSs for elevators are produced according to issues such as power outage time, elevator type, elevator motor capacity, elevator location, which is residential or industrial.

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Features of elevator UPS

  • These UPS are fully automatic and do not require manual intervention.
  • These UPS are small in size, so they can be easily installed in the stairwell and elevator room
  • These UPS are very safe due to the use of electrical energy instead of fuel.
  • These UPS are free of contamination and noise for the environment.

Elevator UPS can be used in two ways

first method without injecting electric current to the motor

second method electric current injection

How the elevator UPS works

When the city electricity, which is the main source of the elevator, is cut off, the UPS battery is automatically connected and starts feeding the devices connected to the UPS until the power is connected and the devices start working. . The duration of connecting the UPS to the battery during a power outage is about a few milliseconds.

how it works

Important points for installing UPS elevators

Important points that you should pay attention to when installing the elevator UPS.

  • When the elevator receives the power it needs during a power outage by a UPS, a light must be installed in the elevator chamber to indicate that the electricity it consumes is supplied by UPS .
  • The UPS device cannot be used in green type elevators because the current that returns from the elevator will damage the UPS.
  • Note that the operation of the UPS is confirmed by the elevator inspector as this is very necessary.
  • One of the duties of the elevator UPS is to supply the fan flow in order to prevent the temperature from rising, in addition to the required supplies of the elevator.
  • The correct installation process of elevator UPS must be done by an electrician expert


In this article, we examined the elevator emergency power price, their types and performance. we have explained, so you can get the information you need by reading the said material.

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