Formula for calculating UPS battery charging time


UPS or UPS, short for Uninterruptible Power Supply It is a break. This electronic tool supplies the electric current needed by the consumer’s electrical appliances during a power cut and in this regard, after establishing the reflow of municipal electricity is responsible for regulating and maintaining the electricity grid; In addition, this device prevents the penetration of noise and disturbances in sensitive consumer equipment.

Among the influencing factors during UPS powering, the following can be mentioned:

Number of systems and amount of load connected to the UPS

Capacity of the battery used in the UPS input

UPS working method

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Among the duties of UPS and how UPS works, the following can be mentioned:

adjusting and modifying showing or increasing and decreasing output and input voltages, with the aim of providing an acceptable voltage for the device

Providing the electricity needed by the consumer equipment with the desired quality and continuously

All this happens when the regional electricity supplier has general or partial problems.

The types of these electronic tools are:

Offline UPS

On line UPS

UPS Interactive or Line Interactive UPS

This type of UPS is activated during a power cut in the circuit.

Duration calculation formula UPS battery charging time

UPS online

The task of this UPS is to transfer the correct output to the load by correcting the input voltage, i.e. stabilizing the input from noise, as a result, the output is generally provided by these UPS. Bypass is a mode that is activated when there is a technical fault or the temperature rises to more than the permissible limit, and the so-called UPS goes to this mode.

UPS Interactive (Line Interactive UPS)

The task of this type of UPS is to provide AC output without input disturbances, and this means to transfer normal input times to the transformer through the bypass mode, in which case the transformer will act as a charger.

UPS components

Battery (Battery): with the purpose of storing electrical energy and using it as a source of electrical energy in ups

Inverter (Inverter): In order to convert direct current into alternating current

Charger (Charger): with the purpose of charging the UPS battery and converting alternating current to direct current

rectifier or rectifier (Rectifier): in order to convert the incoming alternating current into direct current

Back time up is the period of time that is necessary for the battery to provide the energy and power needed by the load, and it is often called autonomy or discharge time. will be

Batteries are available in different types and amperes; Therefore, in order to install the right battery and use it, accurate calculations must be done.

It is necessary to pay attention to at least two points in the matter of choosing a battery with a suitable capacity or service:

    1. Battery load 2. Duration of autonomy or Back up required

In the first step, we calculate the current drawn from the battery. for example:

If we consider the load connected to the UPS KVA and its power factor 0.8; UPS load is kw 4. If the UPS inverter efficiency is 90%; The losses of the inverter are 0.36 kw; For this reason in order to feed the load, it should be quantity

0.36 kw + kw 4 = 4.36 kw, produce dc power.

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Now if the constant battery voltage is 192 volts and the back up time is 30 minutes; First, we calculate the dc current, which will be 22.71.

Note: The above calculation is given here in a simple way; Because the actual voltage of the battery drops as it discharges.

Battery manufacturers always provide tables or diagrams which can be used to determine the required servicing capacity.

Duration calculation formula UPS battery charging time

In the example that was given and based on the information provided by the battery manufacturers, 16 batteries with 24 amp hours have the ability to service this power to feed the load for 30 minutes.

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