Alja UPS is made in which country?


Alja is the abbreviated name of Amish Electronic Accessories and Today Industry Company. This Iranian brand started its activity in 1382 with the aim of providing accessories and accessories needed by production lines and factories. Currently, this brand specializes in the supply and production of non-stop electrical equipment, i.e. UPS s, stabilizerss or voltage stabilizers, Battery and other related accessories continued its activity.

One of the important and valuable goals of this brand is to use the best technologies of the world and leading countries in the field of technology. One of the most important steps in buying any product, especially UPS, is knowing the needs and buying the device based on the needs.

It is also necessary to be aware of the technical features and capabilities of the required device. In the following, we intend to highlight the important points that should be considered when buying UPS Alja should pay attention to them and explain them.

This brand has expanded and promoted a wide range of products in the field of UPS from 500VA to 300kVA ready for delivery; In such a way, this has brought the variety of products of this company to at least 90 different models. Models like: online UPS , Modular, Line Active, Administrative, industrial, Voltage Stabilizers, Inverter and…

Alja brand has tried to respond to the needs of customers in the shortest possible time by creating a wide range of sales agencies and after-sales services throughout the country. It is possible for users to access the services of this brand with the best quality and speed; In such a way that the provision of technical services after the sale and the unconditional guarantee of the sold devices have brought satisfaction and confidence to the customers of this brand.

Alja standards:

International standards such as TLC-UL-KC-TUV-CE are among the most important certificates and standards obtained by this brand for its products.

checking required power and power consumption:

When buying Alja UPS, the most important thing is to calculate the power consumption of all the devices that you are going to connect to the UPS from the beginning. do This is the thing that you must do before buying a UPS from any brand. For this, write down the power consumption of all the devices and add them together.

In order to find the power consumption, it is enough to check the device or its box. This power consumption is represented by watts. If you did not find this number, it is necessary to multiply the input current of the device, which is shown as A, by the voltage value of the device to finally find the power consumption of the device.

After finding the power consumption of the equipment, it is necessary that the power of the purchased UPS is greater than the total power consumption of the consumer devices. In Alja UPS, in general, the power is selected about 1.25 times the power of the equipment used, because this increases the life of the UPS.

In addition to this, it is not necessary to change the power supply continuously in case of a slight change in the consuming devices.

Ability to set parameters:

The UPS of this brand have the ability to customize these devices by using the settings and options that they provide to users.

Which country made Alja UPS Is ?

Check backup time:

This item is actually the amount of time support of emergency power of Alja brand UPS, which is one of the main characteristics and it is necessary to pay attention to it. Users should know relative to their business how much time they need for an uninterrupted power supply.

Support internal or external battery:

If users want the UPS of this brand to support very high powers, it is necessary to use a battery cabinet outside the device and put additional batteries inside them, however, it is possible that it takes up a lot of space and reduces the beauty of the work. If the consumption power of users is low, it is better to use internal batteries that have a small volume and maintain the appearance of the work.

Advantages of using Iranian Alja brand products

Proper packaging of the device with the aim of safety in the transportation of goods – completely free consultation with the purpose of optimal selection of the required equipment – the use of expert and skilled forces in the technical department as well as after-sales service and inspection and quality control of products and equipment in different stages of production.


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