Which Iranian UPS battery is good?


The UPS battery acts as an intermediary between electricity and electronic equipment to prevent damage from power fluctuations, interruptions or sudden changes in the circuit. Prevent. One of the important components of the UPS device is the U battery. It is PS without which the UPS device faces problems and does not work.


General definition of UPS battery

Some people may confuse UPS are confused with a car battery, but it’s good to know that batteries are very different.

UPS actually stands for Uninterruptible power supply. The manufacturing technology of UPS battery and car battery is completely different from each other. Stay with us to provide you with the desired information about UPS batteries and to tell you which brand of UPS battery is suitable for your job.

What is the difference between a UPS battery and a car battery

Car batteries are also commonly called water suspension batteries because the electricity in these batteries is usually created by the reaction of sulfuric acid on a liquid-covered lead plate. However, using this technology in UPS batteries creates dangerous problems and serious damage.

In some cases, sulfuric acid may leak from the battery. In addition, when charging the battery, flammable hydrogen gas is produced, which can lead to dangerous accidents. However, one of the most important and effective features of the UPS battery is that it is suitable for closed spaces and does not cause problems before.

The UPS battery cover is completely sealed and compressed to prevent leakage, which is why it is also called a fixed flood battery. To prevent possible leakage of acid, usually the acid compartment or battery box is covered with layers of felt and fiber, which is known as battery separator.

A UPS battery can be transported long distances without any problem and is completely safe compared to a car battery. All these interesting properties and excellent applications and manufacturing technologies of UPS batteries have increased the price compared to car batteries.


UPS battery and its importance

Undoubtedly, with the use of UPS batteries, power cuts are no longer logical, and UPS batteries prevent noise from entering and disrupting the network. In fact, using a UPS battery acts as a backup and prevents possible damage in most cases. Power failures and fluctuations lead to loss or loss of data and information in the office or organizational system.

How UPS battery works

When the power supply is interrupted, the switch UPS battery disconnects the circuit from the mains and places it on the secondary circuit, and when the mains power is connected, it repeats this process in reverse order. he does.

Knowledge of types of UPS batteries

In fact, battery models such as lead acid battery and Nickel Cadmium batteries are completely sealed and therefore this battery is suitable for UPS they are proper .

However, nickel-cadmium batteries last longer than lead-acid batteries, but you have to pay a lot of money to provide them and they are also bad for the environment.

Types of UPS battery brands to suit what you do

Finally, we will introduce you to three of the best and most famous UPS batteries.


Fiam UPS battery

Fiam UPS battery Italy with 8 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying batteries and having a 45% share in the global sales of UPS batteries and producing and supplying all types of gel, gel and lead acid tubular batteries Is . Plant type maintenance free and power plant batteries as well as the new generation of smart salt batteries (SMC) have gained credibility and value in the field of UPS and power plant batteries.

The long life and high quality of this battery has greatly increased the demand for batteries of this brand in Iran

The representative of this Italian brand proudly in Iran is Tesla > is that you can easily visit and buy UPS battery from teslaco.net do.

Sunlight UPS battery

Sunlight UPS Battery Light is another strong and growing company in the electronics and digital products industry. The production of innovative and quality products using renewable energy is one of the main goals of this company in Greece. The UPS batteries produced by this company have a long life, but unfortunately, this company still does not have a representative in Iran.

Panasonic UPS battery

Panasonic UPS Battery established in Japan for several years, has a wide range of electronic and digital products. In recent years, Panasonic has gained a special position among customers by making UPS batteries, and the batteries they produce are considered high quality UPS batteries.


In this article, we reviewed the best Iranian UPS battery, we have explained their types and functions, so by reading the mentioned content, you can get the information you need.

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