What type of UPS is suitable for the modem?


As you know, the requirement for the operation of all electrical devices to run and perform a specific task is electricity. If a device can provide the electricity needed by all electronic devices during a power outage and do this without interruption, there is no doubt that there will be a problem during a power outage in homes, buildings, companies and factories. will not come So, as a result, the emergency power system is your solution in case of a power cut.

Emergency power system for modem or (Emergency Power Systems) is a type of emergency power system that is used to provide electricity in critical times or in case of failure. regular power grid is used.

What is modem emergency power

You may have heard of emergency power. While you are not familiar with its nature and operation, we will examine its operation in this article. uninterruptible power supply is a self-sufficient power supply that, in the event of a power outage, supplies electricity to electrical systems. Depending on the needs and purpose of each house, building or industry, it provides various devices such as modems, etc. An uninterruptible power supply can include a battery, UPS, solar panels, or a generator that has the ability to be used as an emergency power source or as a replacement.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply in Persian, and it means that the electricity required by the devices connected to it is provided through the energy stored in the battery, which provides the necessary load power for the devices without interruption in the event of a power cut. The UPS works with a battery and if the city electricity is connected, it uses it to charge the battery, and if the city electricity is cut off, it takes it out of the circuit and puts the battery in the circuit. .

What kind of UPS for the modem Is it appropriate?

Important need for emergency power system

Among the important energies for offices, commercial or residential buildings and urban households, we can mention electricity, which in today’s life occupies a large amount of human needs, so that in the event of a power outage, a The country is completely out of reach and goes into a coma.

City electricity has fluctuated in recent days and has been associated with blackouts, and many office devices and household appliances have had problems.

Because it is the energy source of most electrical appliances, including refrigerators, televisions, home modems, washing machines, dishwashers, freezers, coolers, computers, modems, etc., for this reason, it is highly sensitive to electrical fluctuations. One of the most effective solutions is using an uninterruptible power supply.

Most of the UPS are for home and office use and generally have an output power of up to 5000 amps. The main task of being a power source is to stabilize and stabilize the power supply to the power grid of the building and office through the position between the power consumer and the public power grid.

UPS prevents noise and interference from entering the equipment.

Important tips for choosing an emergency power system

In general, there are more important points to consider when choosing an emergency power system. The most important points are mentioned below.

It is one of the necessities to know the energy required for the work of home appliances and the work environment. For example, in a company, how much electricity is needed for the work of computer systems, accessories, etc. and for total energy Provide UPS, inverter or suitable generator for their needs.

In general, you should use a more powerful power supply for high-power devices. In this case, UPS can provide a much better option for electrical appliances.

If you plan to use UPS for essential devices such as modems, you must remember that the output voltage of the controlled source is constant so that the equipment does not burn. For sensitive equipment, using a UPS that can maintain a constant output current is a better option.

What is a modem and what is its use?

A hardware device that is formed from the combination of the first three letters of the two words Modulator/Demodulator is called a modem, whose task is to convert the analog signal to digital and digital to analog.

What kind of UPS for modem Is is it appropriate?

How the modem works

Computer systems are digital and telephone systems are analog. Multiple and integrated systems must be used to transfer information, and a modem is needed to exchange information between these two devices. The modem is connected to the phone line on one side and your computer on the other end. The modem works by receiving digital signals from the computer and then adding them to analog signals, this mode is called modulation. These signals can then be transmitted over the phone line.


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