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When the power goes out, your information may be lost and you have enough time to save your information, in these cases you can use a UPS. It continuously supplies the electricity needed by the consumer, this device is a stabilizer and regulator between the city’s electricity and the equipment, and it prevents the penetration of noise and problems in the network to the equipment.

UPS device It gives consumers the opportunity to save their data after a power outage. UPS is an uninterruptible power supply. It provides the required electricity for the consumers, which can also be called a back-up energy device that protects you from power problems.


Types of UPS

There are different types of UPS in terms of structure and technology used in them. There are three types of UPS: Online UPS, Offline UPS and Line Interactive UPS. strong> pointed out that each has its own characteristics and uses

Online UPS : are with double conversion method. Online UPS continuously converts and continuously converts proportional voltage to direct voltage to charge the battery. In emergency situations, UPSs feed the output load without mechanical switching, for this reason, there is no delay in supplying the output power, so that the delay is 30 milliseconds.

UPS OFFLINE: Under normal conditions, it connects the input and output through a direct electrical connection. In normal conditions, the offline UPS divides the output loads directly through the input power, and when the voltage If the input is less or more than the standard value, the UPS activates the output inverter so that the output loads are powered by the battery. The waveform of the offline PS is sinusoidal.

UPS High Line Interactive : They are very similar to offline UPS and the common shape of UPS is also sinusoidal. In normal conditions, High Line Interactive UPS can adjust the voltage range through an auto-transformer, and the battery that is in the charging state establishes the input and output connection when the UPS battery power is cut off by the inverter to feed the consumer devices . he does


UPS upgrade

If you are among the people who are interested in upgrading and improving your UPS at a reasonable cost, the best way for you is to service and repair the UPS at the right time, which increases its useful life. UPS is a preventive method of failure.

How to prevent UPS problems?

UPS is a device that does not have much resistance to heat, and if the device is placed in a hot and inappropriate place, the possibility of problems will increase and it may even fail. UPS is one of the devices whose maintenance conditions and the place where it is installed have a great impact on its lifespan. Some people who take their UPS for UPS repair services have not taken good care of their UPS and have placed them in hot places, which has caused damage to the device. .

In the market, there are UPS coolers that are only for installation in UPS rooms and are good coolers for UPS. It brings the room temperature to the desired level to avoid damaging the UPS. Let the air go inside the UPS, don’t cover it and let the air flow. One of the things that can be done to cool the UPS is to remove the obstacles that occupy the air flow of the case. The bed of warm air produced by the UPS comes out from its back, for this reason, it is better that the back of the UPS is not in contact with any obstacle for at least 6 to 10 cm and that part is free space.

It is better to close the door of the UPS compartment. It is common that it cools better if the case is open, but when the UPS compartment door is open, environmental dust enters the fans and makes them stop working. When there is dust on the side of the fan blades, the rotation speed will also decrease, or if you see that the fans of the device are occupied or dusty, clean them immediately with a damp cloth.

Choose a suitable place for the UPS. If the place where you put the UPS is too hot or polluted, it is better to change its place. When you have to move the UPS, it is better to move it to a clean, cooler place, and do not move the UPS suddenly when you move it, so that there is no problem with the internal parts of the UPS.

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UPS Repair Training

If problems such as not charging the battery, not providing backup, not turning on the battery replacement light, not turning on the UPS device, or There was an error message in your UPS, you should know that your UPS needs to be repaired. The cause of such problems can be things such as excessive discharge of the nominal UPS battery. Over-discharge of the battery means that the battery charge is too low repeatedly, improper temperature and so on.

It is better to observe the requirements in the maintenance of your UPS so that your UPS does not face serious damage, because due to the high cost of UPS, it may not be possible to provide UPS again or it may be difficult. UPS repairs may cost you money and you may want to repair your UPS yourself.

For this purpose, Faratel company has decided to hold UPS training courses with the aim of improving the scientific level and technical knowledge. If you want to do UPS repairs yourself, you can visit Tesla website to learn UPS repair and UPS repair training courses. participate

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