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What is UPS?

It has definitely happened to you that while working with electronic devices, suddenly your electronic devices stop working due to power outages or severe fluctuations and you cannot keep track of your work or even save it.

UPS Uninterruptible power supply device is your electronic device, this system is placed between the city electricity and the consumer device, preventing noise and disturbances from entering the network. The sensitive consumer equipment is responsible for stabilizing and regulating the network power and protecting the power required by the consumer equipment such as servers and computers that are sensitive to these fluctuations by its reserve power that is available in the battery and the amount of power required provides

During severe power fluctuations, the UPS makes sure that your electronic systems are not damaged. The main purpose of a UPS device is to provide a permanent source of electrical energy for the devices it protects.

At one time, UPS were considered as an expensive system, but today, due to the expensiveness of equipment in terms of hardware and the value of information and data, the cost of providing and supplying UPS devices is quite cheap and it is affordable.

The primary source of UPS is to supply the electricity needed by the devices connected to it, and the secondary source that it uses during a power outage is the scarce battery inside the UPS.

Components of UPS

UPS has 3 main components, which include the following:

1-battery ups: The battery is the plug of an electronic device that is connected to the city electricity. It uses only one power source. If the electricity in the city is cut off, the device will turn off quickly due to the power cut. UPS disrupts this equation. UPSs always have two power sources, that’s why UPSs are structurally different from emergency power systems and generators.

One is the primary energy source, which is the city electricity, and the other is the source that enters the power circuit if the first source is interrupted, and it is called the secondary source, which is the UPS battery. Depending on the UPS you choose, a switch is built in to control the type of secondary and primary power sources, and you can also set the power source you need manually. The primary switches to the secondary mode and when the primary source is reconnected, it returns from the secondary mode to the primary mode, and UPS batteries can provide energy to your equipment for 5 to 15 minutes.

2-charger ups: charger, electronic equipment uses alternating current. Municipal electricity is alternating, but all batteries produce direct electricity, so a part of the UPS as a charger converts alternating electricity to direct electricity. To charge the batteries, considering that the electricity used by the batteries is direct current, city electricity is of the alternating current type, part of the UPS, as a charger, has the task of converting the alternating current to direct current.

The voltage of the UPS charger is the same as the voltage of the UPS battery. The voltage created at the output of the UPS charger charges the battery. This voltage is between 3.41 and 13.7. You may be surprised to know that the voltage of ordinary batteries is 12 volts.

Battery charging is done according to the formula of the charging curve, that is, the amount of current that the charger gives to the battery is high at the beginning and decreases over time, and when the battery is full, the current entering the battery will reach its lowest level.

3-Converterups : The converter is responsible for converting direct electricity stored in the battery to city alternating currents. If the electricity has a problem or even cuts off, the converter will immediately convert the direct current of the battery into alternating current and no problem will occur.

Types of UPS

UPS has three types based on their structure:

  1. UPS online
  2. Line interactive
  3. UP S offline (offline)        

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Important factors in UPS lifetime

When choosing a UPS, it is better to choose a UPS device whose power is more than what you need. Because if the maximum power of the UPS is used, the lifespan of the UPS will decrease.

Among the types of UPS, online UPSs are more exposed to wear and tear and have a longer lifespan than other types because they are constantly operating and are used more often. UPS is shorter. If you want your costs to be low, online and interactive UPS can be a good option for you.

Among the things that have a great effect on the life of the UPS is the ambient temperature, if the ambient temperature is not suitable, it will reduce the useful life of the UPS and also affect the battery capacity.

The suitable temperature of the UPS is 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, which should preferably not be in the sun because it causes the UPS battery performance to decline. If the temperature around you is very high or very low, it is better to use nickel-cadmium batteries for your use, but otherwise lead-acid batteries are 10 to 15 times cheaper than nickel-cadmium batteries and so on. They also have a shorter lifespan.


UPS repair in Mashhad

Due to the high value of the UPS, if you see signs of damage or failure, it is better to check and repair it before it is completely damaged and beyond repair so that you can use it again.

To repair your UPS in Mashhad, you can visit and repair your UPS device. By entrusting your UPS to Faratel Group, you can rest assured that you have entrusted the repair of your UPS to experts and experienced people in this field.

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