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UPS is an abbreviation of Uninterruptible power supply, in other words, its Persian equivalent is uninterruptible power supply, maybe it is complicated for you. The work of this device is that its input to electricity A city is connected. Its output is connected to personal computer electronic devices, mechanical devices, TV, and you don’t have to worry about your device being damaged due to an electrical connection.


Functions of the UPS device

The main task of the UPS is to create a reliable direct connection during severe power fluctuations and power outages so that the electronic device that is connected to it does not suffer and fail. UPS uses two sources for its energy supply, the first source is the city electricity, which are connected to each other with a plug, in this way, the required energy of the device is provided.

If the power goes out, the UPS comes into action and supplies the device with the energy it has stored in its batteries. The UPS battery is inactive under normal conditions, that is, the electrical energy of the electronic devices is supplied by the city electricity, and the UPS battery is also charged in the same way.


Voltage change in UPS

Above, we reviewed the main task of UPS together, but apart from supplying the required electricity, the UPS device also has other functions, the act of switching in the power grid, the sharp increase in voltage due to lightning causes the voltage to not be completely linearly stable. Abnormal up to several times up and down.

Fortunately, there are usually various types of circuits in UPSs, whose task is to remove excess energy to prevent damage to the equipment. When the phenomenon of voltage drop and increase continues, the UPS will operate for a moment. The required energy is supplied by the battery for a few moments to fix the problems, but if the voltage drops for a long time, the UPS has a voltage stabilizer, it uses the stabilizer to compensate for the lost voltage, its positive point It protects users who are not connected to the UPS.

Points to follow during purchase and installation

Maybe many people don’t know that after buying a UPS, they have to install recovery software to be able to use it. And it should be known that the UPS has its own dedicated software that you must install to replace the power source in the event of power outages and fluctuations, so be sure to inquire about the accompanying software when purchasing a UPS. is it or not

Sometimes, you can get the maximum efficiency from the UPS if you have configured its recovery software. Now, how should you do this? For this, you need to spend enough time to install the communication connections.

You can also specify when to turn off the connected systems, which is done by the device itself when there is a power failure. By configuring the other marketing software, you will know how much power your device has consumed or at what time and how long the batteries have been working.

Battery failure problem in UPS

Most of them are used in electrical appliances and devices such as mobile phones, laptops, batteries, UPS is no exception and has battery It has different dimensions, from 200 volts to several thousand volts, it is available in the market, but these batteries have a life and after a period of time, they may break, which is completely normal if it is after the time specified by the manufacturer, usually when the battery is broken and it no longer works, it will warn that the battery has a problem.

When buying a UPS, be sure to check its batteries and check its useful life to avoid any problems.

battery failure

Increasing UPS lifespan

The problem of failure in all electronic devices is quite normal and this happens after some time. Of course, there are several points that you can increase the life of your device by following them.

One of these points is that you should not use the full power of the UPS, this will increase its lifespan. Every UPS has a tolerance threshold for receiving and outputting energy. so as not to put too much pressure on the UPS device.

Another thing that you should consider is the storage location of the UPS. Remember not to place the UPS in front of direct heat because the UPS is very vulnerable to heat, which is also due to its components. Try it. Place the PS at 20 to 30 cm from the wall so that the generated heat is dissipated by the device itself.

  • Be sure to check the device components when buying
  • Protect your device from heat
  • Use it to the capacity of the device
  • Be sure to do the wiring and connections correctly
  • Examine the dimensions and size of the device and find a suitable place for it in advance

UPS repair in Bushehr

Above, we mentioned the factors that affect the health of the UPS device, we said what specifically causes the device to fail, now what should we do if our UPS device is broken?

It doesn’t matter where you live in Iran, just visit to repair your UPS device. It has definitely happened to you that one day in the past you had an illness and you were too lazy to go to the doctor, you went to the prescriptions of the beginners who are around, which resulted in a worse condition and a worse condition for you. This is the case with UPS. If it breaks down, there will be a problem with the components of the device. Beginners who don’t have any qualifications can’t do anything. S cannot be used.

Tesla UPS equipped with modern technology and using the most expert people who have the necessary knowledge to fix any UPS can do this for you.

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