UPS battery replacement or repair

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UPS device means uninterruptible power supply that delivers emergency power to the load when the mains power supply is normally interrupted. The UPS device is responsible for protecting sensitive electrical devices, stabilizing the power supply and keeping sensitive programs online. One of the important components of the UPS device is the UPS battery, without which the UPS device will have problems and will not work.

UPS Battery This allows you to have 5 to 15 minutes to save your data and information and shut down the program with ease. It is better to save the data before the UPS battery runs out.

Types of UPS batteries in terms of internal structure

Each of these above batteries with their different structures and compositions have advantages and disadvantages. Lead-acid batteries are the best and most suitable batteries for UPS devices. This battery is available in two types, open and closed, and the closed type is used more due to the lack of service and maintenance.

Yeps battery types

What is the important role of UPS battery?

When the city electricity is connected, the battery in the UPS device stores the energy, and in the time of power failure, it feeds the electric devices connected to it through the stored energy of the battery. Then, after the power cut, the UPS batteries enter the network as a source and feed the equipment for a short period of time.

How to maintain UPS batteries?

UPS batteries, like other devices, have a useful lifetime. Now what is the useful life? The useful life is actually the length of time that the device will work with acceptable efficiency.

  • Environmental temperature: is one of the factors that affects the battery life, so the lower the temperature of the battery storage environment, the longer the storage time. It will be more
  • Choosing the right UPS battery and also the right charger: can dramatically increase the length of the battery because with the right choice Premature battery failure can be prevented. An important point that you should pay attention to is that it is better to use UPS batteries whose charger is floating.
  • Periodic inspection of UPS batteries: Another important issue during battery life that should be taken into account. In each battery, make sure that the connections between the batteries are completely tight and the battery heads are not oxidized, and the battery is not too hot or swollen. Now, in case of oxidation, first remove the battery from the circuit and then thoroughly clean the battery head with boiling water and sandpaper in order to completely preserve the conductivity of the batteries. Note that when cleaning the battery heads, sulfates do not touch your skin or clothes.
  • Using a healthy battery next to a worn battery: It is one of the things that affects the life of the battery. This causes the worn out battery to be considered as a type of consumer for new batteries due to its internal resistance, and as a result, this condition can reduce the product’s support period for a long time.

What is the cause of UPS batteries failure?

  • The age of a UPS battery actually depends on the discharge of the active materials of its plates due to the contraction and expansion activity of these plates which occurs during the charging and discharging process. has.

The complete discharge of the batteries and the heat and vibration of the battery accelerates the failure of the battery and creates deposits in it and creates a short circuit.

  • One of the other reasons for UPS battery damage is battery sulfate. If the UPS battery is stored due to discharge or if it is in storage for 6 months, the battery is sulfated and the lead sulfate hardens the battery plates and reduces the ability of the battery to be charged or is completely destroyed. takes.
  • Hot weather is the worst environment for UPS batteries to work. There are also such things that reduce the performance of the UPS battery

  • Electrolyte reduction
  • Alternator belt loosening
  • Looseness of the battery retainer packages
  • Breaking the box
  • Corroded cables or UPS battery heads

  • Overcharging the UPS battery
  • Inappropriate temperature
  • alternating current ripple
  • Excessive battery discharge
  • Short connection of UPS battery head


How to diagnose UPS battery failure

The easiest way to determine if the UPS battery is damaged or healthy is to disconnect the UPS city power supply. In this case, if the UPS can supply the output power, it means that the battery is healthy, but if the batteries supply for a short time or cannot supply the electricity at all, it means that the UPS battery is damaged, but the most basic way to determine whether the UPS battery is healthy or not S is a battery tester and should be replaced if the battery fails.

diagnosis method

UPS battery replacement

Tesla company has the utmost expertise and high efficiency in this field, since the structure of the UPS and its battery is complex, they have skilled and expert workers who can easily solve all kinds of problems. Solve the UPS. UPS batteries are expensive because lead is used in their production.

Also, to produce these batteries, advanced and expensive devices are needed, so it is better to change the battery whenever possible. You can visit UPS repair centers to replace your UPS battery.

UPS battery failure test

These are the steps to test the UPS battery

  • First they open the front panel of the UPS
  • Then they remove the UPS battery
  • Then, by means of a test device, they test and check the battery while connected to the UPS and outside of it.
  • If the number shown on the device is much lower than the required amount, our experts will change the battery. For this, the connector of the battery holder is carefully removed. They completely clean the impurities in the battery compartment. Then they replace the new battery with the old battery and test the battery again with the test device. At the end, they close the cover and then press the power button, then the UPS will work.
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