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Perso Electronic Industries Company, as one of the pioneers in the field of services, in 1369 with the support of science and with the aim of development and independence in order to rely on sufficient knowledge and understanding of the electrical and electronic products market for providing quality products to consumers entered the field in this field.

The activities of this company include the development, manufacture and production of all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment. At first, Perso Electronics Industries started its activity as a producer of UPS, the manufacturer of automatic trans (AVR), wireless power supply and … started and became known in the country. Gradually, this company has developed, adapted and expanded its field of activity with the latest technologies of the day.

UPS repairs by Tesla

UPS repairs is one of the most specialized branches of electronic repairs, which is due to the advancement of technology in this field. Every day, the features and capabilities of UPS are added, this development has caused UPS repairs to be out of the traditional and normal state and changed to a modern one, and therefore UPS repairs that knowledge It requires high technical skills and has become a specialized job.

Tesla company’s experienced engineers and consultants Considering the needs of our dear customers and fully complying with quality in providing equipment with a long life span, they advise and provide Tesla is one of the specialized and reliable institutions that provides the best and highest services in the field of UPS types in different brands.

Cause of UPS failure

Consider that it is much cheaper and better to diagnose and fix possible UPS problems before they fail. Here are some of the main causes of UPS failure that canbe considered as a UPS maintenance checklist:

  • UPS battery
  • UPS capacitor
  • Fan UPS
  • Power supply

Tesla always believes that customer service is the key to success and progress. is a company. For this reason, it creates conditions to provide the necessary information for UPS and battery storage to our dear customers.


Diagnosis of UPS battery failure

Since witht RE is one of the most important parts of UPS and is of high importance and the most common cause of failure in batteries Happen Our experts have collected significant information for customers about UPS batteries so that our customers have a general understanding about UPS batteries.

The easiest way to detect battery failure is to turn off the UPS. If the UPS is able to power the equipment you need, the batteries are safe. But the easiest way to determine if the batteries are defective or not is to test the batteries with a battery tester and ensure that the batteries are not defective.

In case of power failure, the UPS battery provides the required electrical power when the charging system is not active. There are signs that the UPS battery may have a problem.

These symptoms include the following:

  • Not charging the battery
  • UPS not turning on
  • Not providing backup
  • Not turning on the warning light
  • Get an error message
  • The battery replacement light does not turn on

When you see any of these signs, know that there is definitely a problem with your UPS.


Tesla services in the field of UPS repairs include:

  • Answering and consulting over the phone regarding the troubleshooting and repair of the company’s UPS devices due to speeding up the repair of the customer’s device.
  • Installation and commissioning of UPS after repair.
  • Fixing BYPASS circuit problems
  • Inverter circuit repair
  • Repairing and solving problems related to battery operation

Tesla is one of the most equipped and specialized repair and customer service centers with the latest equipment ready to serve. For advice and guidance on buying electrical and electronic products, especially UPS, contact our experts and consultants through the contact page. Our colleagues will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

Buyers and customers of our products can contact us at the following phone numbers to request the equipment they need.

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