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General Electric is one of the multinational companies that develop and produce medical equipment, power generation and distribution equipment, UPS emergency power, electric motors and steam turbines, electrical appliances, electronic and lighting appliances, ammunition, aerospace equipment and engines. he does. In addition, General Electric has 4 subsidiaries. These companies are Jay Energy, Jay Technology, Jay Capital and Jay Healthcare respectively.

In Fact, One of the Most Popular Products of this Company Can Be Called ups ups ups /strong>> pointed out. Produced by General Electric, UPS is one of the best and most researched to manufacture and is offered in a wide range of power, size and battery for Single Phase and Two Phase Electricity.

ups is one of the most complex electronic devices that requires specialized reports DUERS DUES DUES Complexity. UPS repair is done by the Tesla company’s repair department.

Teslaco or Tesla for short It is one of the most equipped specialized centers for UPS repair and servicing of its customers. Tesla company is ready to serve you with the most modern equipment.


Overview of UPS concept

UPS MEANS Uninterruption Power Supply and ITS MAIN TASKS to Provide Uninterrupted Power to the Load. UPS are produced and sold in three types: offline, online and interactive.

Troubleshooting and fixing problems and errors that occur in UPS

As mentioned earlier, the UPS system is a very sensitive system that needs sufficient maintenance to provide the amount of energy your equipment needs during a power outage.

A UPS system like any other system will have problems and errors, so in order to fix it correctly, you need to look for its faults and find a suitable UPS troubleshooting solution to fix the errors. Tesla Ups Repairs By Specialists Who’s not only the only passed academic travel courses (Electronics and Industrial Electricity), ButleSo have a lot of experience in repairing ups, including ganel eleclicity ups. You can confidently contact our consultants and get the necessary guidance.


UPS repair in different brands and brands

In many organizations and offices, UPS are used to provide emergency power for security systems, electronic systems, network and computer systems, elevators, etc. UPS are classified into three categories: offline, online, and line interactive, and determining which device is placed in the circuit depends on the conditions and type of system design. UPS repairs are divided into two separate sections including: fault diagnosis section and repair section. In the fault diagnosis section, after the inspections, the hardware unit of the UPS is delivered and all the defective parts are checked again to find the cause of the hardware and in case of failure, it is replaced.

The services provided by Tesla during UPS repair and inspection include all troubleshooting and troubleshooting in sps, pec, and bypass circuits, battery troubleshooting, and UPS performance.

Repair of Different Types of UPS Brands in Tesla
Having experts with experience in the field of repairing all types of UPS, Tesla repairs all common and specialized UPSs. UPSA brands that are repaired in Tesla are:

UPSTBM repairs , Tetis UPS Repairs, Tuaniro UPS Repair, tacom ups repairs, repairs UPS Peeler and … Tesla, as one of the most specialized UPS repair centers in Iran, services and repairs all UPS brands. Tesla Attaches Great Importance to the Upper Reports of General Electric, which is one of the reliable brands in Iran that operates in the Field of UPS Production, to Effective Republic Electric Electric Up for Ots Dear Customs.


And finally

Tesla is one of the most qualified and specialized service and repair centers in Iran and is ready to serve customers.

For advice and guidance on purchasing Tesla products, especially UPS, please contact our experts and consultants through the contact page.

Our colleagues will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.


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