Elevator UPS repair


UPS means uninterruptible power supply, whose main task is to provide uninterrupted power required by the load. The UPS device is placed between the municipal electricity and the consumer device and in addition to stabilizing and regulating the network power, it prevents the penetration of noise and network disturbances to the consumer’s sensitive equipment.

UPS devices are designed to always have two sources of energy. The first energy source is city electricity and the second energy source is battery, which enters the circuit if the first source is interrupted.

Types of elevators

  • Traction elevators

The driving force in these elevators is provided by an electric motor. This electric motor is generally located at the top of the elevator well and in some places at the bottom of the elevator in a well called motor house.

This type of elevator is connected by a number of steel cables from one side to the bottom and from the other side to the weights of the elevator.

  • hydraulic elevators

This elevator is used in places below 5 floors, which has advantages such as smooth movement in the initial start, less damage and depreciation, ease of troubleshooting and repair.

  • Vinci elevators

This elevator is a type of elevator that is hung with a steel chain or rope and in addition to the friction force, the thrust force is applied to it.

  • Magnetic elevators

This type of elevators is much safer than normal elevators but they are very expensive.

  • Workshop elevators

These elevators can work up to a height of 500 meters and even higher, and its capacity is 1 to 2 tons, so these elevators are used to transfer workshop personnel, supplies, and materials to very high floors.


UPS elevator

Nowadays, there are elevators in most of the buildings, in fact, the elevator is a means of cargo and passenger transportation between the floors that people can get away from fatigue by being in its inner area in a short time. They move between floors.

Since the elevator is an electronic-mechanical device, it is directly fed with city electricity, so when the city electricity is cut off, the elevator stops. To solve this problem, it is better to use an elevator UPS to provide the electricity needed to keep the elevator on even when the city power is cut. The elevator UPS is an interactive UPS that has an external battery.

Elevator UPSs are produced according to issues such as power outage time, elevator type, elevator motor capacity, elevator location, which is residential or industrial.

Features of elevator UPS

  • This UPS is fully automatic and does not require manual intervention
  • These UPS are small in size, so they can be easily installed in the stairwell and elevator room
  • These UPS are very safe due to the use of electrical energy instead of fuel sources
  • These UPS are free of contamination and noise for the environment

Elevator UPS can be used in two ways

  • The first method without injecting electric current into the motor
  • The second method of electric current injection


how UPS elevator works

When the city electricity, which is the main source of the elevator, is cut off, the UPS battery is automatically connected and starts to feed the devices connected to the UPS. Until the power is connected and the devices start working. The duration of connecting the UPS to the battery during a power outage is about a few milliseconds.

Important points when installing Elevator UPS you should pay attention to it.

  • When the elevator receives the power it needs during a power outage by a UPS, a light must be installed in the elevator cabin to indicate that the UPS is supplying the electricity it consumes. be.
  • The UPS device cannot be used in green type elevators because the current that returns from the elevator will damage the UPS.
  • Note that the operation of the UPS is confirmed by the elevator inspector as this is very necessary.
  • One of the duties of the elevator UPS is to supply the flow of the fans to prevent the temperature from rising, in addition to the required supplies of the elevator.
  • The correct installation process of the elevator UPS must be done by an electrician.

Elevator UPS repair

The UPS device plays a very important role due to its special position in the elevator system, so it is better before the UPS needs repair, with periodic services, required checks to avoid possible problems.

Elevator repair

Elevator UPS repair includes two steps

  • preventive maintenance of elevator UPS

This maintenance includes a scheduled list of activities, and when preventive UPS maintenance is performed according to that list, the UPS system remains in good working order.

This maintenance is a systematic repair

For this type of repair, you may have to completely shut down the UPS system.

If the UPS is maintained preventively or if it is repaired on time, possible serious damage to the UPS can be avoided.

  • repair and corrective maintenance of elevator UPS

This photo maintenance is preventive maintenance.

This maintenance is created as a result of a failure and in order to solve the problem and failure, it restarts the disabled unit.

Elevator UPS repair is a specialized work that you should entrust to reputable centers and approved agencies. Because UPS maintenance technicians have enough expertise and skills to repair UPS, they also have a very high work experience. Visit teslaco.net for elevator UPS repair.

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