UPS repair in Tabriz


You must have experienced a power outage in the last few weeks and thought to yourself that the appliances connected to the city electricity may be damaged or out of order. UPS to It means Uninterruptible Power Supply, and its task is supplying energy after a power cut for the device connected to it


Types of UPS

Offline UPS are cheaper and smaller and lighter compared to online UPS and line interactive UPS. The use of UPS is absolutely necessary for operational programs, starting the installation of supercomputers, sensitive devices in hospitals, government places, which have important information, because when the devices exceed their power, receive or lower than the certain energy limit that they set to work with, electronic devices do not work properly, this is where the UPS starts its work and converts the energy into a suitable stability

Advantages and disadvantages of offline UPS

Advantages: Offline UPS has less weight, smaller size, and lower price. So, if you want to pay less for buying UPS, we recommend this UPS.

Disadvantages: The disadvantages of the UPS device may be when it switches from mains power to battery mode, which may take between 25 and 35 milliseconds. This type of UPS only protects the wavelength of energy, it does not have a conditioning system or voltage regulation.

The structure of online UPS is different and more advanced than offline UPS. For this reason, its price is also higher. In the past, online UPS was used only in large and commercial centers that had high financial capacity. But with advanced technology, you can buy online UPS cheaper.

Online UPS can supply electricity with excellent quality and without noise to the device it is connected to. The UPS works automatically, no special work is required. One of the important differences between online UPS and other UPS is that it works continuously, that is, online UPS is not inactive at any time and constantly monitors the currents of electricity so that if it fluctuates or breaks, it will restart. to work

Advantages and disadvantages of online UPS

Advantages: Online UPS is one of the best UPS, it has automatic noise cancellation and during power failure, it needs one millisecond to switch from city power to battery.

Disadvantages: One of the disadvantages is its working time, which works for 24 hours, which causes the life of the device to decrease and it has a shorter life compared to other UPS.

Interactive UPSs are not much different from offline UPSs. It has only a few minor differences, UPS Line Interactive is suitable for lighting equipment, computers, printers, and even places where electricity does not fluctuate, it is used to improve the quality of electricity transmission. This UPS has resonance in the output of its circuits, their output is completely sinusoidal, that’s why it is suitable for consumers with motors.

Advantages and disadvantages of UPS Line Interactive

Advantages: In addition to using this UPS during power outages and fluctuations, this UPS can also be used in electric crackers, with more efficiency and more details than offline UPS. is.

Disadvantages: The heavy weight of interactive UPS is high, and that is due to the presence of a transformer. It also has a more limited working frequency than online, with the smallest power fluctuation, it goes into battery consumption mode.


UPS efficiency

UPS devices have a lot of diversity, they are found in the market in different voltage dimensions. UPS devices can be used wherever they work with electricity, in industries such as hospitals Medicine, they use UPS to keep electrical devices permanently on in internet cafes, companies, post offices, counters, offices that have permanent system functionality, and also for security systems . It is practical, such as CCTV cameras, security environments of the police department, and electronic appliances such as refrigerators, personal computers are used at home. It has a wide range of applications.

How to maintain UPS

Place the UPS in a place away from the sun.

Be sure to keep the UPS device at least 15-20 cm away from the wall.

Be sure to check the connections when installing the UPS.

Keep the UPS away from direct heat because the UPS device is sensitive to heat.

Be sure to check and clean the UPS fans to make them work properly.

UPS battery

In all batteries, there is a certain amount of useful life, after which the battery goes down, the UPS device replaces the source (city electricity) during a power outage and provides energy with the batteries it has, but if this battery is damaged What if they don’t act properly?

Do not worry about this because if there is a problem with the UPS battery, it will warn that the battery has a problem and it will not work properly.

Battery types in UPS

Lead acid batteries: This new battery is sensitive to dust and heat. Keep it away from heat. This battery is used in relatively low voltage UPSs, although there are several other types of lead acid batteries.

Nickel Cadmium batteries: This battery has advanced technology compared to lead acid. The price is higher and its good feature is fast charging.

Lithium-ion batteries This battery has a lower weight density and is used in UPSs that are powerful and have a good lifetime resistance. Alkaline silver batteries store electricity inside, its ingredients are zinc and manganese dioxide, for this reason it is stronger than normal batteries, they usually have 2 to 4 times more capacity.

PS battery types

UPS repair in Tabriz

If you fail to maintain the UPS, your device will have problems such as not transferring the power to the connected device, battery failure, damage to the connection of the internal components, etc. is at your service by providing the best services. You can leave your UPS device to us to be repaired.

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