The best brand of foreign UPS batteries


Introducing the best foreign UPS battery brands

From Tesla UPS : Battery UPS is able to act as a The interface between the municipal electricity and the electricity consuming device should be placed and prevent the sudden changes in circuit current and voltage fluctuations and finally the sudden interruption of electricity and the resulting damages.

Many people may confuse the UPS battery with a car battery due to the similarities in appearance and some functions; But it should be noted that these two types of batteries have many differences from each other.

UPS, abbreviated as UPS, actually stands for Uninterruptible power supply, which means uninterrupted power supply. The technology and manufacturing technology of UPS batteries and car batteries are completely different from each other. In this article, we intend to provide you with U PP batteries . Let us know SS and the best foreign UPS battery brands; Stay with us in the future.

The best brands of U batteries External PS

The difference between a UPS battery and a car battery

Car batteries are usually also called batteries suspended in water; Because in these batteries, electricity is usually produced by the reaction of sulfuric acid on a lead plate that is suspended in a liquid. Using this process in UPS batteries can lead to dangerous problems and serious injuries; In such a way that sulfuric acid leaks and the resulting hydrogen gas can be very dangerous; While one of the characteristics of the UPS battery is that it is suitable for closed spaces and does not have these problems.

The cover of these UPS batteries is completely closed to prevent any leakage. To prevent possible acid leaks, in these types of batteries, the acid compartment or battery box, with layers of felt and fiber called separator (battery separator); is covered

Also, the UPS battery can be easily carried over long distances without worry, and unlike car batteries, they are very safe and secure. Against all these features, UPS batteries are more expensive than car batteries.

Importance of UPS battery

UPS batteries are the absolute enemy of electricity. As mentioned, these batteries are actually placed between the device that consumes electricity and the city electricity, and in addition to providing electricity during the time of city electricity outages, they also prevent the penetration of noises and disturbances in the network; For this reason, these batteries prevent damages and heavy costs.

Next, let’s introduce the best foreign UPS battery brands:


The UPS batteries produced by this Korean winner offer high-quality products using the latest technology in the manufacture of UPS batteries. Among the most proud products of this brand is the VRLA VT series battery, which uses open oxygen combination technology, which makes this battery work without the need to visit and adjust water and acid.

2) HITACO  :

This company is one of the big brands in the field of producing and designing all kinds of lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries. This large company was established in China in 2002 and started working. This brand now has more than 19 production lines in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. This brand has been able to achieve great success in the Iranian market by producing quality UPS batteries and supplying them at reasonable prices.

The best brands of U batteries External PS

3) LONG  :

Kung Long Company, which started working in Taiwan in 1990; It is one of the prominent brands in the design and production of UPS batteries. This brand is the only manufacturer in Taiwan that produces lead-acid batteries. The products of this brand have the highest standards; In such a way that the products of this brand have significant presence and fans in Europe. Among the very good characteristics of UPS batteries of this brand, we can mention the high quality of these products compared to their costs and their reliability. Apart from UPS systems, other uses of this brand’s batteries include solar power storage and electric cars.


Batteries with this brand are products of Newmax company in South Korea, which are among the high-quality and popular batteries in the Iranian market. This company started working 41 years ago in South Korea with the aim of producing batteries. Currently, this brand has 40% of the battery market share in South Korea.

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