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Solar energy is the beginning and life of all other energies. About 6000 million years have passed since the birth of the sun, and every second 2.4 million tons of its mass is converted into energy. Considering that the weight of the sun is 333 thousand times the weight of the earth, this star can be considered as an energy source for another 5 billion years.

The sun is composed of gases such as hydrogen, helium and 63 other elements, the most important of which are oxygen, carbon, neon and. .. This is why people use solar emergency power system so that they don’t get into trouble in emergencies.

The temperature in the center of the sun is between 10 and 14 million degrees centigrade, which is 5600 from its surface with a thermal temperature of nearly 5600 degrees and in the form of Electromagnetism spreads in space. Earth’s share is small compared to the other two spheres, because the Earth is 150 million kilometers away from the Sun, and it takes about 8 minutes for sunlight to reach the Earth.

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solar module

Solar module

Of course, don’t think that using solar energy can supply all the electricity of a company or a residential unit, it can only be done by storing energy Electricity provided energy. It is also possible to use this energy by using solar energy technology and placing energy cells and plates on the extra-urban and inner-city roads.

Now you may be wondering what is the difference between a solar cell and a solar panel?

From the point of view of practicality, there is no difference between the two, a solar panel is created by placing a number of solar module solar cells together and by placing a number of solar modules together.

Usually, in large applications, the plates are placed together and a solar series is created.

Types of solar emergency power systems

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Types of solar emergency power systems

Based on the way of use, solar systems are divided into two categories connected to the grid and independent of the grid, most of the users of the first category are close to the city ​​and close to are electrical networks, one of its advantages is that it reduces electricity consumption to a certain extent and meets the human need for electricity to a certain extent.

The second category is for those who are far away from the city and are not present next to the power grid, this type of emergency power system is responsible for fully supplying the daily energy of a residential unit or a company.

There is a large amount of electrical energy in space, which is captured by the energy plates attached to the spacecraft.

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Benefits of emergency power

Photovoltaic energy is the conversion of sunlight into electricity through a cell, commonly called a solar cell. A solar cell is a non-mechanical device made of silicon alloy.

Sunlight is made of photons or solar energy particles, these photons contain variable amounts of energy, similar to the different wavelengths of the light spectrum.

Important factors in emergency power

Important factors in emergency power

Among the important factors in emergency power, we can mention efficiency, voltage, current, maximum power, etc., which we will discuss further.

Efficiency: Today, there are many modules in the market with an efficiency of 10 to 18%, although you should be careful that this number is constant in It is increasing. There are even laboratory samples that have a yield of 42%.

Voltage: Voltage or (Vmax) is the maximum voltage that an emergency power device is able to provide, and mostly in numbers 12 , 24 and 48 are provided to the consumer.

Current: current or (Imax) is the maximum emergency electricity production current which plays an effective role in the design of systems.

Maximum power: is the maximum power that the emergency power of a module can provide, this value is the product of voltage value by current value in It is a coefficient called the supply coefficient.

final speech

In this article, we discussed solar emergency electricity by solar panels and modules and the factors affecting it.

Do they use solar panels where you live?

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