Why does the UPS not turn on or has no output?


UPS are actually sensitive devices. ; Sensitive in the sense that in case of the smallest fault or problem, it will be out of order very quickly and your devices and equipment will not be supported. In most cases, UPS devices do not have a complex problem and thus do not need serious repairs; Therefore, you are able to get to work and find the fault of the UPS yourself. Basically, the basis of UPS repairs is the troubleshooting of its parts. In this article, we intend to investigate the most important UPS faults (especially the most obvious fault, which is the first one below), how to troubleshoot the UPS and how to fix it.

1) The UPS device does not turn on or has no output:

The first possible reason and solution: The UPS device is not properly turned on.

Press the ON key once to turn on the UPS. Please note that even if your UPS is off; It is possible that the LCD screen is on.

The second possible reason and solution: The UPS device is not connected to the power source.

Make sure that the power cable is securely connected to the device and the power source being used.

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The third possible reason and solution: the power flow has stopped.

In this way, reduce the load on your UPS; Disconnect your unnecessary equipment and reconnect the disconnected circuit.

The fourth possible reason and solution: the voltage is very low or it is completely broken.

Check the power supply of your UPS by connecting a lamp. If the light is very low; Check the power voltage.

Why UPS is on

The fifth possible reason and solution: the two plugs of the battery are not connected correctly.

Make sure that all battery connections are tight. If the interface connected to the battery is damaged; This problem is achieved.

Sixth possible cause and solution: There is an error inside the UPS.

If you don’t see any of the above signs; Do not attempt to use UPS. In this way, disconnect your UPS and immediately repair it yourself or leave it to an expert.

2) The UPS uses the battery while it is connected to the mains:

The first possible reason and solution: The power flow has stopped.

As with the solution to the third problem in the previous case, reduce the load on the UPS; Disconnect unnecessary equipment and reconnect the disconnected circuit. If all devices are necessary; You can use an additional external battery.

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The second possible reason and solution: the input line voltage is too high, too low, or deviated.

Move your UPS to a different outlet in another circuit. Also test the input voltage with a voltage tester. If it is acceptable for the equipment connected; Sensitivity reduces the UPS.

3) UPS does not provide the support time that is expected:

First possible reason and solution: The UPS battery has not been properly charged due to the recent power outage, or it is nearing the end of its useful life.

Charge the UPS battery. Batteries need to be charged after being off for a long time and mostly when they are in high temperature; They are discharged much faster. If the UPS battery is at the end of its useful life; even if the battery replacement indicator is not lit; It is recommended to replace the battery. You are able to calibrate the UPS battery in order to increase its life.

Second possible cause and solution: An overload is connected to the UPS.

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Check the barrio PS display and disconnect the unnecessary printer equipment.

Before troubleshooting your UPS device; It should be noted that there is no magic material that can be used to troubleshoot and solve the UPS problem. In a simple way, UPS troubleshooting is a process that can be used to understand how all parts of the UPS work and in what condition. are located

Why UPS is on

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