UPS suitable for photometer devices


Quoted from Tesla UPS :

UPS is, in fact, an uninterrupted power source; The same electronic power supply that most of its work is to provide the power required by the load, that too without interruption.

From another point of view, this tool as a source of non-stop power, using the energy stored in its battery; It provides the electricity needed by consumer devices.

UPS, in fact, is placed between municipal electricity and consumer equipment, and in addition to regulating network electricity and stabilizing it, from Penetration of noise and network disturbances to sensitive equipment in the consumer; prevent

The most important and main use of UPS is when the city electricity is cut off. At this time, immediately and without interruption, this UPS device enters the circuit and thus provides the required electricity consumption; So that there is no need to turn off and on the equipment.

With this very vital action, in fact, UPS prevents repairs as well as costly delays; And thus, this tool significantly helps to keep sensitive programs and equipment online.

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U PS PS, having electronic filters, they cause the disappearance of noises and urban electricity fluctuations; It also protects the equipment against lightning and high voltage.

In addition, these UPSs send a uniform electric current in the form of a constant wave to the user’s equipment. These valuable equipments have various types and sizes.

Among the most common types are online circuit UPS. The reason for the popularity of these UPS is that they are able to provide a good level of protection.

. The probability of creating a short circuit or a sudden charge of electricity in the circuit or any other type of electrical danger in a suitable UPS is zero;

Therefore, these types of UPS have a good level of safety. UPS measurement unit is power or the product of voltage and output current.

With these combinations, it is expected that UPS will be used in various industries and jobs, which is the case. One of the most common areas of use of UPS is in equipment called photometers.

In the following, we intend to introduce the photometer to better understand the importance of using UPS in this device.

UPS suitable for Photometer devices

Photometer introduction

Film photometer is one of the electrical instruments that can be found in most laboratories, which is often used to measure sodium and potassium. The basis of this device, like a spectrophotometer, is based on the measurement of light energy and the cortical spectrum of the desired atoms.

electrons of metal atoms, especially alkali metals such as sodium, potassium and calcium, due to various energies such as thermal and light electrons are excited and jump to higher orbits.

In the new circuit, electrons have more energy but less stability; Therefore, after a very short time, they return to the original circuit. In this return process, they emit the energy they have absorbed in the form of light energy or photons.

This light has a certain wavelength that is specific to that metal; For example, the wavelength of the yellow light emitted from burning sodium; equal to 590 nm and the wavelength of potassium that emits pink-violet light; equal to 765 nm and lithium light which is red; It is equal to 670 nm.

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The basis of creating light in the film photometer is the same as the fluorescent method; With the difference that in fluorescent, ultraviolet light energy is used to excite the atom; While in the film photometer, thermal energy is used for this purpose.

Following the heat of the flame, at any moment only about 0.002 percent of the atoms of elements that are easily excited such as sodium or potassium are excited and they create light

And according to what orbit and to what extent the electron is excited and according to how much light energy (photon) it emits; the color of the light it gives; It is different that each type of color is specific to an element.

some elements produce several colors and the problem is that if the flame is low or high; The created wavelength changes; Therefore, the film photometer device is used only for the purpose of measuring sodium and potassium, and sometimes, if the device is sensitive, for the purpose of measuring calcium – of course, by heating the solution in a separate chamber.

From Tesla

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UPS suitable for Photometer devices

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