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UPS device a It is an uninterruptible power supply that protects sensitive loads and electronic and telecommunication systems against disturbances such as noise, etc. UPS actually provides the power required to feed the load from the energy stored in the batteries.


A UPS device consists of the following main components

The way UPS works with these 4 important components is that the load is normally powered by Ac and rectifies the incoming AC power and connects it to DC power. As soon as the AC power is cut off and its quality is not detected by the UPS inverter, it is activated and by converting the DC current of the battery into AC current, it supplies the required amount of electricity to the devices.

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UPS device is divided into several categories

  • Sinusoidal UPS

This UPS usually has a lower price and power and is divided into two categories external battery and internal battery. Internal battery pseudo-sine UPSs usually have a much shorter back-up time and are ultimately responsive for 15 to 40 minutes, so they are used for low-power and short-term systems, such as modems, laptops, and normal home computer systems . LED and LCD TVs and…

Use an external battery to increase the UPS support time. The support time varies according to the amount of consumption and the direction of consumption.

  • full sinusoidal UPS

These UPS are divided into two types online interactive (offline ) and double conversion (online) are divided. These UPS are mostly used for administrative, telecommunication, hospital and medical devices. The main difference between these two categories is in the type of power conversion, so that in the interactive line category, as long as the city electricity is flowing, the function of the device is like a stabilizer that adjusts the electric voltage only within the standard range, and when the power supply is cut off, it changes from the mains electricity to the energy stored in the battery.

This transfer from the city electricity to the battery is called switch time. It is between 25 and 50 milliseconds in High Line Interactive UPS. This time is not tangible for many electrical devices and does not damage the device during operation, such as CCTV cameras, ordinary and networked computers, fire extinguishing systems, lighting systems, etc.

But there are other types of sensitive electronic equipment, such as some telecommunication, hospital, medical, server equipment, etc., which at the same time, the switch for a few milliseconds also interferes with their operation. Therefore, double conversion UPS is recommended for these devices.

The operation of this device is such that even when the city electricity is connected, it converts this electricity into 12 V electricity for its battery and again converts the 12 V battery electricity into 220 V city electricity. do This ensures that the consumer’s electricity is always supplied from the battery even when the city electricity is connected, and as soon as the city electricity is cut off, electricity is always available to the consumer without any interruption.

UPS repairs

UPS repair is one of the industrial jobs in the computer labor market, for which there are basic classes.

For UPS repairs, you must do the following.

  • Check UPS models in terms of quality and capacity.
  • You should know offline UPS and also know the differences with advanced online UPS.
  • Sufficient knowledge of SMD and DIP electronic components on UPS circuit
  • Using UPS board repair tools for testing and measuring and rebalancing LCs
  • Routing UPS board from current input to power voltage output
  • Troubleshooting circuit and analysis of UPS power output circuit
  • Sufficient knowledge of the ACs that are planned and from which the UPS DC takes a tour
  • Training to repair problems related to the output of the device and fix the problem of voltage fluctuation
  • Fixing the problem of the UPS not recognizing the battery and also not recognizing the battery charging
  • Sufficient knowledge of UPS batteries to fix UPS faults

UPS is a device that consists of various parts and problems may arise in each of these parts. Even if there is a problem with the UPS, you should give it to people who have enough experience and knowledge to repair it. Because if unprofessional people repair it, it may cause serious and irreparable problems in your UPS device. Therefore, there are UPS repair centers all over the country so that you can easily leave your UPS to them for repair.

These centers perform actions including the following:

  • Replace or fix trans problem
  • Fixing problems caused by improper use of the battery
  • Troubleshooting the disconnection between the mains and the UPS battery
  • Solving the problems caused by the battery not working
  • Fix momentary interruption when switching from city power to battery
  • Fixing cold solder
  • Inverter troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting PFC circuit
  • MOSFET circuit troubleshooting. IGBT

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