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UPS or same power source without interruption (in English Uninterruptible power supply) with the abbreviation UPS, is a device that in <It is installed next to the electrical device or inside the computer box, and when it is interrupted or there are severe changes in the input voltage, it allows the user to continue working normally. The main duties of UPS are:

  • providing electric power without interruption
  • preventing disruptions and fluctuations electricity
  • Constant level voltage and frequency

when the electricity undergoes sudden fluctuations; The UPS system prevents damage to electronic systems and protects them against voltage changes and power cuts. The main purpose of a UPS is to provide an uninterrupted source of power for the equipment it protects.

small UPS usually have a battery inside, which they charge when there is electricity in normal mode. . At the time of power cut or voltage drop and when the voltage drops below a certain value; UPS automatically changes the power supply unit from city electricity to the battery inside; This work is done in approximately one or 2 milliseconds; Therefore, the computer does not notice the discontinuity of the electric current and thus continues to work.

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UPS internal components:

1) inverter: majority consumers from city electricity flow < They feed . When the power grid is interrupted, it is necessary to convert the electric power stored in the battery into alternating current and be consumed; This work in UPS is done by a part called inverter.

2) battery and battery charger: after using the electric power of the battery during a power cut, battery storage It needs to be charged again. The battery is recharged using the UPS charging circuit when the power grid is reconnected. UPS Battery Types Are Sealed Acid and Nickel Cadmium .

UPS are mostly classified in three categories in terms of internal functionality:

  1. It has a passive or offline
  2. watch function

  3. Having Two-Way or Online
  4. Conversion

  5. in the form of interaction with the line or the same line interactive

UPS for device Milling

What are milling machines?

working milling machines are basically one of the most used and at the same time the most consumed electrical appliances in the field of tools, which really have a wide range of They have applications; In a way that you will not be able to do most of the work in the field of blacksmithing without having this device.

In truth, the milling machines are held by hand and at the same time by electricity and wind energy generated through air compressors Future; start works.

Fields of application of milling cutters

Unlike other electric tools, the milling machine has many functions and has many capabilities.

Basically, one of the most common uses of a milling machine is to remove the protrusions of stone, metal, cutting parts of different materials, etc.

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Also, milling machines are able to besides cutting and grinding, play the role of a very excellent sharpener for users, so that users are able to use it, to repair all kinds and types of household and gardening tools; However, in doing this, try to be enough accurate; Because in truth it is a very dangerous job.

Working method of milling machines

Burrs often work by using wind and electricity; In order to start the milling machine, it is necessary to press the key so that the cutting disc starts rotating and when you remove your hand from press the key; It stops moving. This mode helps a lot to save the lives of users and at the same time, it reduces the risk of working with this device.

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