یو پی اس برای خودپرداز ATM

It is very necessary to use UPS for bank ATMs because of the sensitivity of its various parts to fluctuations and power cuts. Most people ask questions before buying a UPS for an ATM, which UPS works better for an ATM? The reason for asking this question is the variety of UPS types and their different efficiency, and on the other hand, due to high sensitivity. Different parts of the ATM, such as the CPU, counters, processor and its circuits, are subject to noises and disruptions of the urban electricity flow and its 24-hour use. Join us to guide you on which UPS works better for ATM by introducing the types of UPS and its performance in ATM.

The importance of using UPS for ATM

Among the banking systems, the ATM is more popular and efficient due to the ease of various services such as receiving and transferring money, the possibility of charging, paying bills, declaring the balance, etc. In remote areas where there is no bank, these devices are connected to the banking network through telephone lines. Therefore, it is necessary for them to always have access to city electricity 24 hours a day without any fluctuations or outages.

Unfortunately city electricity is nowhere without outages and fluctuations, these fluctuations may have various reasons, these disturbances cause damage They go to an expensive ATM machine . The UPS device prevents damage to the sensitive parts of the ATM by storing electricity in the battery and eliminating fluctuations and adjusting the voltage.

So buy UPS in addition to protecting the ATM machine, it increases the lifespan strong> This device becomes expensive. If you want to buy the most powerful UPS for an ATM, you can contact our company and we will guide you as soon as possible.

Introduction of types of UPS for ATMs

Before we talk about which UPS works best for an ATM, it is better to get to know the types of UPS briefly. UPS are generally divided into three groups in terms of performance and design, these three groups are as follows:

Online UPS:

In this type of UPS, when the power is connected, its voltage is adjusted and any additional noise is filtered through the UPS, and when the power is cut, the energy stored in the battery supplies the connected equipment. , so they have more protection. They are very suitable for sensitive devices such as ATMs.

Offline UPS:

In this type of UPS, when the power is connected, the power consumed by the equipment is supplied through the city power, and when the power goes out, the UPS comes into action, the switching time in the offline UPS is long. Therefore, they have less protection.

UPS Line Interactive:

This type has a higher level of protection than offline UPS, on the other hand, switching time has been reduced. It is very suitable for sensitive equipment.

Tips on buying an UPS for ATM

The UPS device has different types according to its different performance and design. These UPSs have differences in terms of technical specifications and features, which has caused their different performance. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points when buying a UPS for an ATM, so that you can buy UPS that have better performance for an ATM.

Power consumption of the device:

UPSs whose power is higher than the consumption power of the ATM have the best performance. If the power of the UPS is less than the power of the ATM, it will not be able to protect its sensitive parts well against power interruptions. Always try to buy UPSs whose power is 20% more than the bank teller’s consumption power.

Online and line interactive UPSs are better for ATMs because of their good performance and also because of their shorter switch times than offline UPSs.

Duration of storage:

UPSs with longer storage time are more efficient for ATMs, recommended UPSs with a storage time of about 8 Buy It’s Time For more accurate guidance and a more suitable choice, you can contact our experienced experts who are fully familiar with UPS types and their efficiency; Call. Our experts will suggest you the best and most suitable UPS according to the features of your device.

UPSs that are equipped with a smart port to connect to monitoring software have the best performance for ATMs. In addition, due to the high sensitivity of the ATM to the fluctuations and noises created in the city electric current, the purchased UPS must be equipped with accurate noise suppressors and oscillators, in addition, it must have the best recovery and Electricity energy storage technology and heat and fire alarm sensors.

Due to the sensitivity of banking systems, including ATMs, the UPS used for them must have strict safety and security considerations. All UPS connections to the board and self-charging power must be hidden and protected in the best possible way, on the other hand, access to them must only be possible from inside the bank.

UPSs that have KVA 2 and KVA1 power, for ATM <strong They have better performance , of course, the UPSs whose power is KVA 2; They are more suitable because they have longer storage time.

The UPS you buy for the ATM must have these specifications:

Creating very low temperatures, equipped with a suitable gas fire extinguishing system, minimum energy storage capacity for 8 hours, with warranty and purchase guarantee, with after-sales service, high work efficiency, good quality, convenient and easy operation, management Intelligent ABM battery, protection against short circuit, with voltage regulation circuit, with LCD display page and also Has a suitable compartment for UPS battery.

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