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Introducing the best Iranian UPS

From Tesla UPS: UPS are uninterruptible power supplies. In fact, these equipments are electronic power sources, most of their work is to provide the power required by the load and that too without interruption. On the other hand, these devices provide the electricity needed by consumer equipment as an uninterrupted power source. UPSs do this important work with the help of the energy stored in the battery; They do.

In fact, UPS systems are placed between municipal electricity and consumer devices, and in addition to regulating and stabilizing the network electricity, they prevent noise and network disturbances from penetrating into the existing sensitive parts. Prevent in consumer devices.

The main and most important use of UPS is when there is a power outage. In this case, this UPS device enters the circuit without interruption and in this way, they provide the required electricity consumption. In this case, there is no need to turn the equipment on and off. As a result, huge losses and costs caused by sudden shutdown of systems and sudden loss of information are greatly prevented.

UPS suitable for package and radiator

UPSs, having electronic filters, eliminate noises as well as urban electricity fluctuations. Also, these valuable tools keep users’ equipment safe from lightning and high voltage. In addition, these utilities send uniform electric current in the form of a constant wave to the users’ equipment. These practical equipments are available in different types and sizes.

Among the most widely used types of these tools are UPS online circuits. to be The thing that causes the popularity of these UPS; This is the case that they are able to provide the desired degree of protection.

The possibility of short connections, as well as sudden charging of electricity in the circuit or any other type of electrical danger in a suitable UPS, is zero; This is why these types of UPS have a good level of safety. UPS measurement unit is the power or the product of the voltage multiplied by the output current.

Now that you are familiar with the importance of these very practical and valuable tools; We are going to give you a brief description of some of the best Iranian UPS brands; It is hoped that by reading this article, your knowledge about Iranian UPS will increase so that you can purchase a suitable UPS with a more open hand.

The most famous Iranian UPS brands:

1) Faran UPS: Faran Electronics Industries Company was established in 1368 with the aim of operating in the field of electronic, telecommunication and computer equipment production. The main focus of this well-known company is the design, production and distribution of UPS and batteries and other equipment such as stabilizers and inverters. In recent years, this brand, with the aim of transferring technical knowledge and technology to the country and producing equipment with better quality and more suitable price, has entered into joint production contracts with several reputable European and Asian companies have taken action. By having European and Japanese equipment and devices, as well as a production line with suitable quality and high efficiency, the Faran brand has been able to become one of the most prominent companies active in this field.

Iranian UPS

2) Alja UPS: The name Alja is the abbreviation of Amash Electronic and Industrial Accessories Company, which was established in 1382 in order to produce high-quality electrical products including UPS, stabilizers and batteries. Gud became competitive in this field with other competitors. The UPS of this brand have considerable quality and variety. This company provides customers and users with a wide range of choices both in terms of technical specifications and in terms of price for any type of application. The UPS of this company can be divided into three groups: online, line interactive and modular. This company is one of the capable companies in the field of UPS, which also provides services and technical consultations before purchase; For this, it is enough to inform the operators of this company about the consumption power of your total electrical appliances, so that they can introduce the best and most suitable UPS to your service.

3) UPS Faratel: The Faratel brand was officially established on the 27th of June 1352. The unofficial activity records of this company led to the start of business cooperation between Faraday and Telfan companies in 1348. This old and famous brand became famous when not only there was no trace of other Iranian manufacturing companies in the field of electronic equipment and devices in the country; But many famous brands of the world had not yet entered the arena of competition. Currently, more than 4.5 million Faratel brand transformers and stabilizers have been installed and operated throughout the country, and more than half a million Faratel UPS devices have been handed over. This brand has more than 80 after-sales service centers across the country and has always conducted training courses for them with the aim of improving the scientific level and technical knowledge of its representatives.

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