UPS suitable for package and radiator


Package heating systems need permanent electricity because, in addition to gas consumption, it is essential to supply electricity to pumps, electrical equipment and burners.

Although this type of heating system has many advantages over traditional models, but during a power outage, the entire cycle stops and causes a lot of heat loss and also causes lack of water circulation that is heated.

Package systems are among the least consumed products, and for this reason, by using a suitable UPS system, it can be supplied with emergency power for up to four hours. did

The residents of the building do not feel any stop in the heating. Because the time to switch from city electricity to UPS is in milliseconds.

It can be said that in the absence of a UPS, devices and facilities start up rapidly due to power outages, in addition to reducing the life of facilities and increasing the cost of repairs. > will cause discomfort to the residents of that building.

UPS suitable for package and radiator

The use of diesel generator in residential and commercial buildings is obsolete and out of date due to noise pollution and the high cost involved, and the use of UPS in this >Conditions It is much more economical and efficient.

UPS s to a variety of power indicators such as ac, dc and residual charge is equipped and the power to supply one or two power outlets 220 and even more for daily and normal strong > It is suitable for mobile phones and tablets.

The use of an anti-connection fuse in the UPS has given it a high safety and its modality, in the event of strong fluctuations in the city’s electricity. The city network is separated from the building and it is also completely prevented from connecting and sparking at the output of the device itself.

The voltage output of this type of devices is completely accurate and uniform, and no fluctuation is seen in it, therefore, it increases the life of all electrical appliances connected to it.

It should be noted that due to its small dimensions, several of them can be placed in the control room or the engine room.

Benefits of using UPS for wall packages

In the summer when the temperature is high and the electricity consumption coefficient in the country is higher than the standard level, the electricity is cut off continuously.

In winter, due to excessive air cooling and power transformer failure, there may be continuous outages.

Power outages and even fluctuations in electricity input from the city affect the performance and condition of the device, and we will have problems with hot water production and heating.

In order to be able to use the heating and hot water system in summer and winter during power outages and keep the package away from power outages and power fluctuations, it is better to use an uninterruptible power supply or UPS.

Online UPS automatically computers, automatic doors, elevators, CCTV, home appliances, thermal package and radiator and … are fed at a specific time and have an internal UPS battery that lasts 15-20 minutes It provides energy.

If we want to use the power of the UPS for a longer period of time, we must use external batteries according to the amount and time required.

External UPS batteries > They can provide the necessary electricity for 2 to 3 hours.

If there is a power outage, the package can be damaged and cause problems and repair costs. Therefore, it is better to use UPS to protect the device and also the availability of the package.


What type of UPS is suitable for the package and radiator

With the advancement of technology, many devices have entered the daily life of humans, each of which plays a role in life to improve the living conditions of humans and increase their level of well-being and comfort. One of the devices that have entered people’s lives with the advancement of technology and industry are wall packages.

This package has the ability to be a good and suitable alternative for old motor homes and for water heaters, with the help of electricity, they provide you with the possibility to always have the hot water you need. You can use it to wash dishes or take a bath and even heat the house with the help of radiators.

In many ways, packages have more advantages than using a water heater, but you must remember that the package is an electronic device and must be used for its operation. strong> to be connected to the city electricity and feed from it.

As you know, city electricity has many voltage fluctuations and differences that have the possibility of destroying the boards and parts used in your wall package in a short period of time and causing partial burns. From the package or all of it.

UPS suitable for package and radiator

Due to the fact that currently buying and even repairing a wall package can bring a lot of cost to you, so we recommend that by taking appropriate measures such as buying a UPS to prevent such incidents with your thermal package.

The following can be mentioned among UPS suitable for packages and radiators

1 – online UPS SIEL GREEN POINT Faran 1 to 20 kva (kVA)

2 – Faran ASPIRE Online UPS 6 to 20 Kava (kVA)

3 – Faran Titan Plus Online UPS 1 to 10 Kava (kVA)

4-Eximpower UPS series Ex1030KPT 10-20kVA

and other types of UPS that you can check on Tesla site and choose the right UPS for package and radiator choose and buy and use it safely

Advantages of purchasing UPS for thermal package

If you have prepared a thermal package for your home and you intend to take good care of it against electrical fluctuations, you must have a UPS for the package. Prepare your own heat too.

By being placed between the thermal package and city electricity, the UPS prevents its parts from being damaged. Also, the UPS for the thermal package has the ability to supply the electricity required for your thermal package by storing energy in its batteries when the city electricity is cut off, and you can /strong> In these cases, use hot water to wash dishes or take a bath without worrying.

UPS suitable for package and radiator

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