UPS suitable for hospital oxygen generators


From Tesla UPS:UPS Abbreviation of Uninterruptible power supply which means power source BB interruption.
UPS is an electronic power source whose main task is to provide uninterrupted power as needed. > is consumable load. This system is placed between the city’s electricity and the consumer’s device, and in addition to fixing and adjusting the electricity grid, it prevents penetration. It prevents noise and network disturbances from entering sensitive consumer equipment.

In addition, UPSs, as uninterrupted power sources, provide the electricity needed by consumer equipment with the help of the energy stored in the battery.
In fact, using a backup energy such as an uninterruptible power supply system, enables you to avoid most problems caused by electricity. city, survive and also gain protection against blackouts.

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UPS suitable for hospital oxygenator devices

At one time, these same UPS were known as an expensive system; Nowadays, due to the expensiveness of equipment in terms of hardware or information and data, the cost of supplying and providing a UPS device is completely affordable.

As said; The main purpose of a UPS device is to provide an uninterrupted source of energy for the equipment it protects; but how?

Plug is an electrical device that is connected to the city electricity or to the reducer of voltage changes that is connected to the city electricity; Connections; only uses one power source; In this way, if the city electricity is cut; That device shuts down quickly due to a power cut. Now, a UPS disrupts this equation by providing two sources of power for its device.

UPS are designed in such a way that two energy sources are always available: one is the primary energy source, or city electricity, and the other is a secondary source. When the first source is cut off, it enters the circuit and is called the secondary source or the battery.

Depending on the UPS, sometimes a switch to control which of the power sources are used at any moment; is placed

Of course, the electricity in the city is alternating and your equipment uses alternating electricity; Although all batteries produce direct electricity; Therefore, a part of UPS named charger is in charge of converting alternating to direct energy with the purpose of charging batteries.

In addition, another part called inverter is also used to convert direct energy stored in the battery into alternating electricity, with the aim of Setting up users’ devices is placed in all UPSs; Therefore, we can mention battery, charger and inverter as the main parts of a UPS device.

Ups have different types and different sizes. The unit of measurement of UPS is power or VA (voltage multiplied by output current). The more inverter a UPS device is, stronger; The power and power of UPS will be more.

Various UPS, with various features such as alarms warning in case of error or overload, software controlling The purpose of the computer is to save information and turn off the computer and other facilities.

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UPS suitable for hospital oxygenator devices

One of the most widely used fields of these UPS systems is their use in hospital equipment; Important and vital equipment that can be seen all over the hospitals and the lives of many patients depend on their correct work. The most important of these equipments is the hospital oxygen generator.

This device, like other devices, has more importance and sensitivity; Therefore, with the aim of not stopping this device and not damaging it due to city electricity, it is necessary to use a suitable UPS for it. In the following, we intend to show the importance of using UPS in this device by introducing this device.

Introduction of the oxygen generator:

The name of this device is the same as its function, it is very promising; Especially these days, the planet is facing the problem of air pollution and respiratory diseases have become a big problem for city dwellers.

This oxygen generator is one of the latest and practical technologies that is responsible for concentrating oxygen. the air we breathe; It contains more than 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. This device is an electrical device that takes the oxygen around us and turns it into more concentrated oxygen.

This technology in fact is a treatment and prevention that is needed by a number of patients. The working mechanism of this device is that it compresses the air in the surrounding environment and turns it into medical oxygen. The oxygen produced by the device has a purity of more than 95%, which is also known as medical oxygen.

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