UPS suitable for bacteriological culture incubator devices


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UPS is short for Uninterruptible power supply and means an uninterrupted power source. This device is an electronic power supply whose main task is to provide the power required by the load without interruption.

This system is placed between the municipal electricity and the consumer device, and in addition to stabilizing and regulating the electricity network, it prevents the penetration of noise and network disturbances into the sensitive equipment of consumption. preventer

In addition, UPSs, as uninterruptible power sources, provide the electricity needed by consumer equipment through the energy stored in its battery.
In fact, using a backup energy such as an uninterrupted energy supply system enables users to avoid most of the problems caused by municipal electricity.

In the old days, UPS was considered an expensive system; But these days, due to the expensiveness of equipment in terms of hardware and their information and data, the cost of purchasing a UPS device is quite affordable. be

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As said; The most important task of the UPS device is to provide an uninterrupted source of energy for the equipment it protects; But in what way?

Plug is an electrical device that is connected to the city electricity or to the reducer of voltage changes that is connected to the city electricity; calls; It uses only one power source; In this way, when the city electricity is cut off; The consumer, due to a power outage, shuts down all the time; Meanwhile, a UPS disrupts the equation by providing two power sources for that device.

UPSs are designed to be always In any case, there should be two sources of energy: first, the source of primary energy or city electricity and second is also a source that enters the circuit when the first source is cut off. Secondary source is also called battery.
According to the type of UPS, in some cases, a switch is used to control which of the power sources are used at any time; is placed

. Of course, the city’s electricity is alternating and the users’ equipment uses alternating electricity. All batteries produce direct electricity; Therefore, a part of the UPS as a charger is responsible for the process of converting alternating energy to direct energy in order to charge the batteries.

UPS suitable for Bacteriological culture incubator devices

In addition, another part called inverter is also used to convert the direct energy stored in the battery into alternating current, to start the users’ devices, in all UPS. Ha, has been inserted; For this reason, one can consider battery, charger and inverter among the most important parts of a UPS device. Win.

Ups have different types and different sizes. The unit of measurement of these systems is power or VA (voltage multiplied by the output current). The more powerful the inverter of a UPS device is; The power and strength of this system will be more.

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various UPS, various features such as warning alarms when errors or overloads occur, computer control software to store information and turn off the computer and strong>other possibilities.

One of the common fields of consumption of these systems is the field of medicine and laboratory equipment. One of the most important of these equipments and tools is the bacteriology culture incubator device.

Introduction of bacteriology culture incubator

Greenhouse or the same incubator with name EnglishIncubator is a laboratory tool that is used in biological laboratories It is used to cultivate and grow live samples such as cells or microbes. By controlling humidity, temperature, amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide, this device provides suitable conditions for the growth of living organisms. Incubator is one of the important tools in microbiology, cell biology, etc. experiments. This device was invented by the Filipino pediatrician Fe Del Mundo.

Essential tips when working with the incubator

  • Incubator should not be placed in adjacent main doors or air currents and ventilators.
  • The incubator should be placed on a smooth and balanced surface.
  • Do not put volatile or flammable materials such as ether, gasoline, alcohol, propane in the incubator.
  • Replacing the water container inside the device in time is very necessary in cell culture incubators.
  • in order to prevent contamination in incubators; It is essential that the shelves and the wall of the device are always dry.

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UPS suitable for Bacteriological culture incubator devices

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