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UPS, which stands for Uninterruptible power supply; It means a source of non-stop power. This device is an electronic power source whose most important task is to provide the power required by the load without interruption. . This system is placed between the municipal electricity and the consumer device, and in addition to stabilizing and regulating the electricity network, it also prevents the penetration of noise and network disruptions that interfere with sensitive consumer equipment.

In addition to these UPSs as sources of uninterrupted power, due to the energy stored in their batteries, electricity > It provides the needs of consumer equipment.
In fact, the use of a back-up energy such as an uninterrupted power supply system enables users to avoid most of the problems caused by electricity. City, be safe.

In the past years, UPS were considered as an expensive system; But these days, due to the expensiveness of equipment in terms of hardware and their information and data, the cost of purchasing a UPS device is completely affordable.

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As mentioned; The main task of a UPS device is to provide an uninterrupted source of energy for the equipment it protects; But how?

Plug is an electrical device that is connected to city electricity or to a reducer of voltage changes that is connected to city electricity; connects; It uses only Zik power source number; In this way, if the city electricity is cut; That device turns off quickly after a power cut; Meanwhile, a UPS disrupts this equation by providing two power sources for that device.

UPS s are designed to <strong There should always be two energy sources: the first is the primary energy source with the original name of city electricity, and the other is a source that comes in when the first source is cut off. circuit, which is also called secondary, battery.

Depending on the type of UPS, sometimes a switch is used to control which of the power sources are used at any time; is placed Of course, the city’s electricity is alternating and the users’ equipment uses alternating electricity. all batteries generate direct electricity; Therefore, a part of UPS, as a charger, is responsible for converting alternating current into direct current with the aim of charging batteries.

UPS suitable for devices Electrocautery

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In addition, another part named inverter also aims to convert direct energy stored in the battery into alternating electricity, in order to start User devices are installed in all UPS; For this reason, the battery, charger and inverter can be considered as the main parts of a UPS device.

Ups have different types and different sizes. The unit of measurement of these systems is power or VA (voltage multiplied by output current). The value inverter of a UPS device is stronger; The power of this system will be more.

various UPSs, various features such as warning alarms when errors or overloads occur, software to control the computer in order to save information and turn off the computer and there are other possibilities.

One of the common fields of consumption of these systems is the field of medicine and hospital equipment. One of the important equipment and tools is electrocautery.

Introduction of electrocautery

This surgical electrical device aims to create a cut and refuse bleeding in the operating room > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >, has wide application; in such a way that in bleeding s, with the aim of creating a clot, cutting and Splitting tissues and destroying the tissue by burning method is used.

This is done by applying electric sparks between the probe and the tissue, which causes heat to be concentrated in the desired location. and the destruction of the tissue; takes place

advantages of using an electric cutting knife compared with a mechanical cutting knife, the possibility of coagulation at the same time with cutting and Refusal of dispersion of diseased cells to the surrounding tissues is considered a big advantage in its own way.

At first, this tool was used only for tissue coagulation to prevent bleeding; But now is also used for the purpose of cutting tissue or cutting and coagulation at the same time.

Its most use is to control and prevent bleeding during eye, face, plastic surgeries and It is repair.

Prevention of bleeding during surgery is necessary and vital for the patient; It allows the surgeon to easily see the structures of the operated tissue.

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