UPS suitable for auto analyzer devices


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The term UPS or UPS is shortened to Uninterruptible Power Supply. This electronic tool supplies the electric current needed by the consumer’s electrical appliances during a power outage, and in this regard, after re-establishing the municipal electric current, it has the task of adjusting and keeping it stable. It is responsible for having network electricity; In addition, this device prevents noise and disturbances from penetrating sensitive consumer equipment.

On what factors does the duration of powering up the UPS system depend?

Among the influencing influencing factors during UPS powering, the following can be mentioned:

  • Number of systems and amount of load connected to UPS
  • Capacity of the battery used in the UPS input

UPS working method

Among the tasksUPS and how UPS works, the following can be mentioned:

UPS suitable for Auto analyzer devices

  • adjusting and correcting or increasing and decreasing the output and input voltages to provide an acceptable voltage for the device
  • Providing electricity needed by consumer equipment with the desired quality and continuously

All This event occurs when the regional electricity supplier has total or partial problems.

Types of UPS

The types of this electronic tool are:

  1. UPS offline or Off line UPS
  2. Online UPS

  3. UPS Interactive or Line Interactive UPS

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Offline UPS (Off line UPS)

This type of UPS is activated when there is a power cut in the circuit.

Online UPS (On line UPS)

The task of this UPS is to correct show the input voltage, i.e. stabilize the input from noise, and transfer the correct output to the load, which results in generally< The output is provided by these UPS. Bypass is a mode that is activated when there is a technical failure or the temperature increases beyond the permissible limit, and so-called UPS goes to this mode.

UPS Interactive (Line Interactive UPS)

The task of this type of UPS is to provide AC output without input distortion, and this means normal input times through bypass mode. > to transfer to the transformer, in this situation the transformer will have the status of charger.

UPS components

  • Battery (Battery): with the purpose of storing electrical energy and using it as a source of electrical energy in UPS
  • Inverter: In order to convert direct current to alternating current.

  • Charger (Charger): with the purpose of charging the UPS battery and converting alternating current to direct current
  • rectifier or rectifier (Rectifier): in order to convert the incoming alternating current into direct current

City electricity problems

  • Harmonics: an additional wave with a small amplitude whose frequency is a multiple of the main wave frequency.

  • Complete power failure (Power Failure): Interruption of incoming electricity in municipal electricity
  • Momentary voltage increase (Power Surge): possibility of damaging sensitive
  • equipment

  • Momentary voltage drop (Power Sag): the possibility of disabling some sensitive electrical equipment
  • Momentary extreme fluctuations (Skip Transient): possibility of damaging sensitive equipment and precise
  • tools

  • Noise (Noise): created by radio and magnetic waves and power sources and as a result disrupting the operation of the device. li>
  • frequency variations (Frequency Variation): has very high importance and causes not working properly
  • long increase in voltage (Over Voltage): the possibility of damagingelectrical equipment
  • Reduction of voltage range (Under Voltage): possibility of starting electrical equipment

UP Suitable for auto analyzer devices

Introduction of auto analyzer

Autoanalyzer measures the chemical compounds of blood and displays them on a graph. This is done by mixing, reagent reaction and colorimetric measurement in the presence of continuous flow. The basis of the measurements of this device is spectrophotometry; In this way, after separating the blood serum, the desired reagent (to measure any compound to be measured, for example, blood sugar) is added to the serum and the final composition is colored. It comes out special. According to Beer’s law of selective absorption of light by different materials, light with a color complementary to the color of the final composition passes through it and measures the amount of light absorption; Then, it is compared with the standard light absorption value and according to it, the amount of the desired composition is announced with a number.

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Parts of the device

The various parts of this system, which are common to all devices, are as follows:

  • Sampler: This part aspirates samples, standards and washed solutions into the autoanalyzer system. .
  • Proportioning pump and multi-hole tube: Mix samples with reagents, mix strong> does; In addition, it pumps liquids in precise proportions to other modules.
  • Dialyzer: is a semipermeable membrane that allows the selective passage of substances.
  • Hot bath: liquids continuously at the required temperature The comment is kept for color development.
  • colorimeter: changes in optical density of the liquid flow that It monitors the flow of a pipe. Color intensities (optical density) that are proportional to the substance’s concentration; It is converted into electric voltage.
  • Stability: electrical signal, optical density from a colorimeter to A graphic display turns on an chart animate.


Autoanalysis maintenance includes continuous calibration settings. Most of the problems created are mechanical (pipes, moving pump parts) and electrical (motors and switches). There are few electrical problems. The service and repair of this is complicated and requires the completion of maintenance courses.

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UPS suitable for Auto analyzer devices

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