Faratel PRINCE FRZ single-phase home refrigerator and freezer stabilizer

  • Dimensions: 121*330*260 mm
  • Input voltage: 275~160
  • Output power: 1000VA
  • Output current: 1.6A
  • Start current: 5A
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Phase: single phase
  • Applications: home and store refrigerators and freezers

Introduction of Faratel Company

In 1348, with the commercial partnership of two companies, Faraday and Telfan, the cooperation of these two collections began. During the years of successful cooperation, Faratel Group was established in 1352 with the combination of two companies. This reliable brand, which has always been a pioneer in the production of electronic and industrial products, is a type of stabilizer suitable for fridge freezer named PRINCE FRZ designed and produced for all types of home and store refrigerators and freezers in normal types and new digital side-by-side types has done. In this material, we will examine Faratel PRINCE FRZ stabilizer from Faratel brand.

Stabilizer Faratel model PRINCE / FRZ

PRICE FRZ smart refrigerator stabilizer:

The valuable ability that this device has, the use of fast and digital microcontrollers has made it possible to efficiently protect the refrigerator and freezer against the disturbances and fluctuations of the city’s electricity, the dangers caused by lightning.

Among the most important advantages of using this device, it is possible to increase the life and correct operation of the devices connected to it when the city’s electricity voltage is inappropriate. As a result, it will save and reduce maintenance costs. In the table below, the technical characteristics of stabilizers and input-output phase, the amount of voltage and… are mentioned:

Below are the types of Prince FRZ stabilizers and their application for which type of refrigerator;

FRZ15 model suitable for home refrigerators up to 15 feet

FRZ25 model suitable for home refrigerators up to 25 feet

FRZ40 model suitable for home refrigerators up to 40 feet

FRZ60 model is suitable for medium store refrigerators

FRZ100 model is suitable for large store refrigerators

What are the special features of the PRINCE FRZ stabilizer?

  • Strengthening and stabilizing the fluctuations and weakness of the city’s electricity voltage
  • Equipped with a delay circuit to protect consumer devices when the city power is cut off and connected
  • Equipped with microcontroller system
  • Equipped with a protection system against input and output voltage outside the allowed range
  • Equipped with a protection system for consumer devices against severe power fluctuations and lightning and sudden changes in city electricity
  • Equipped with a noise filter to protect sensitive circuits in new refrigerators and freezers

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device type

Stabilizer (automatic transmission)

input voltage


Output voltage

1000 VA


single phase



Suitable for

Suitable for

  • Home refrigerator and freezer
  • Medium and large store refrigerators and freezers
  • types of side by side refrigerators


Faratel PRINCE FRZ stabilizer catalog

Advantages and Disadvantages

Features of PRINCE FRZ refrigerator and freezer smart stabilizer:

  • Equipped with microcontroller
  • Having two strengthening stages, one weakening stage and one normal stage
  • Ability to detect non-connection of protective wire (earth)
  • Interrupt output if:
    • Increasing the internal temperature of the device beyond the allowed limit
    • Exiting the input voltage from the range of 160~275 volts (to avoid damage to the consumer)
  • Equipped with a protection system for consumer devices against:
    • Two-phase input voltage
    • Strong fluctuations of electricity and lightning
  • Equipped with an input filter to reduce noise and city electricity spike
  • Ability to be placed on the table or installed on the wall
  • Has a wide input range
  • equipped with a warning system when the internal temperature rises