Faratel PRINCE TV smart home electronics stabilizer

  • Dimensions: 121*330*260 mm
  • Input voltage: 275~160
  • Output power: 1000VA
  • Output current: 4.5A
  • Start current: 30A
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Phase: single phase
  • Uses: 55, 75 and 100 inch TVs, refrigerators and freezers, audio and video systems, door openers Automatic, central and ordinary telephones and…

Introduction of Faratel Company

In 1348, with the commercial partnership of Faraday and Telfan, the cooperation of these two collections began. During the years of successful cooperation, in 1352, by combining two companies, Faratel was established. This reliable brand, which has always been a pioneer in the production of electronic and industrial products, is a type of stabilizers for televisions and household appliances named PRINCE TV Designed and produced for 55, 75 and 100 inch TVs. In this material, we will examine Faratel PRINCE TV stabilizer from Faratel brand.

Faratel stabilizer Prince model

Using the Prince/TV device during city power fluctuations and inappropriate city power voltage, to the life and As a result, the correct operation of the connected electrical devices will result in saving and reducing repair costs.

Technical specifications of Prince model stabilizers:

The following can be mentioned among the special features of Faratel PRINCE TV stabilizer:

  • Equipped with a delay circuit to protect consumer devices when the city power is cut off and connected
  • Equipped with a protection system against input and output voltage outside the allowed range
  • Equipped with three outlets with earthed output for simultaneous use by different consumers
  • Equipped with microcontroller system
  • Equipped with a filter to protect consumer devices from noise and city electricity disturbances
  • Ability to remove EMI and radio RFI electromagnetic interference noises

In what cases can Prince Faratel stabilizer be used?

PRINCE stabilizers, with their special characteristics and output stabilization in a wide range of input voltage changes, are designed and built in such a way that they can be well used in computer systems and home and office electronic devices, such as personal computers. and its accessories, audio and video systems, Setup Boxess, video control and monitoring systems, automatic door openers, game consoles, office machines, central telephones and Normally, it protects telecommunication systems, some laboratory and measuring equipment, etc. against city electricity fluctuations and disturbances, as well as lightning.

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Suitable for

  • Television
  • Digital receivers
  • DVD
  • Home Cinema
  • Sound System

Product catalog

Faratel Prince TV Stabilizer Catalog

Advantages and Disadvantages

The most important features of this device are:

  • Equipped with microcontroller
  • Having two strengthening stages, one weakening stage and one normal stage
  • Has network protection port Data/Line Protection
  • Has two USB charger outputs with 1A current (in some models)
  • Ability to detect non-connection of protective wire (earth)
  • Interrupt output if:
    • Increasing the internal temperature of the device beyond the allowed limit
  • Has three outlet sockets for connecting equipment
  • Equipped with a protection system for consumer devices against:
    • Two-phase input voltage
    • Strong fluctuations of electricity and lightning
  • Equipped with an input filter to reduce noise and city electricity spikes
  • Ability to be placed on the table or installed on the wall
  • Has a wide input range
  • equipped with a warning system when the internal temperature rises